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Innovation is in our DNA, and our tight-knit team of passionate critical-thinkers is the biggest contributing factor to our continued success throughout the past two decades. Just as our suite of seamlessly integrated healthcare solutions advances our clients’ businesses, AbbaDox is committed to a corporate culture that advances the full potential in all of its employees. Nothing that we do or invest in is for the short-term.

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If you’re searching for healthcare technology jobs at an industry-leading and continuously growing company, you’ve come to the right place. AbbaDox is at the forefront of streamlining healthcare operations and practice administration workflows with a modern, proprietary, cloud-based network of solutions, fully developed in-house. What started from the need to streamline manual transcription processes, quickly became the foundation for a seamlessly integrated solutions platform. Our customers demand value, scalability, and breakthrough solutions, and we refuse to do it any other way.

The AbbaDox Culture

Our vision is to become the partner of choice for healthcare delivery organizations looking to improve their operational workflows, automate information and image exchange, and add functionality and interoperability. We make this possible with an incredible team of motivated professionals and subject-matter experts. We focus on goals and results, and strive to continuously improve and enhance our offerings. Our core values are centered around family, teamwork, partnerships, innovation, and integrity. Based in South Florida, AbbaDox provides thousands of healthcare professionals across the country with enterprise imaging solutions and cloud-based healthcare data services that elevate practice efficiencies and patient experiences.

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