Revolutionizing Healthcare through Innovation

What started from the need to streamline manual transcription processes, quickly became the foundation for a seamlessly integrated solutions platform.

The AbbaDox Culture

We are the partner of choice for healthcare delivery organizations looking to improve their operational workflows, automate information and image exchange, and add functionality and interoperability. We care the most about family, teamwork, partnerships, innovation, and integrity.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our innovative solutions and services are driven by client feedback.


Valued Employees

Our employees are the most important assets contributing to our continued success.

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Innovative Mindset

We love to innovate - It's all about continuous innovation and process optimization.

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Long-Term Perspective

Nothing that we do or invest in is short term. We are here to stay for the long run.

Leadership Team

The leadership team at AbbaDox believes in empowering teams to do their most impactful work by being committed to building a product that people love and a culture where everyone can thrive.

Yaniv Dagan

Chief Executive Officer

Hilda Garcell

Chief Financial Officer

Isaac Aronov

Chief Technology Officer

Leron Marinovsky

VP, Customer Success

Qasim Zahir

VP, Technology

Gabriela De Leon

VP, Support & Implementation

Dianne Keen

VP, Strategy and Growth

Glenn Weintraub

Director of Product Management

Ilana Zadov

Director of Interoperability & BI

Raphael De Leon

Director of Client Services

Adam Dagan

Director of Sales

Pierre-Antoine Tricen

Director of Marketing

Yoni Dagan

Director of Corporate Finance

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