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Optimizing Radiology Pre-Registration

Efficiency and accuracy in patient registration

Are Inefficient Registration Workflows Growing Your Administrative Costs?

Client studies demonstrate improved accuracy and patient satisfaction.


reduction in registration errors


increase in patient satisfaction


reduction in patient registration time

Key Features & Benefits

Streamlining the Onboarding Experience for Better Healthcare

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Orders from Multiple Sources

Support EHR orders, physician portals, and patient self-scheduling.


Reduce Overhead, Increase Appointments: Reduce manual data entry errors and appointment booking overhead.

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One-click Eligibility Verification

Quickly confirm insurance eligibility within the RIS in one click.


Reduce Eligibility Bottlenecks: Reduce staff coordination time with insurance reps & third-party tools.

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Streamlined Document Management

Automate documents and forms with mobile eForms,pre-filled batch printing, and bar-code-enabled scanning.


Reduce Paperwork, Improve Patient Care: Tedious work is eliminated through automation, smart routing rules, and self-service.

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Digitize and Sort Incoming Faxes

Attach to the patient record, assign tasks, reject incomplete orders, and auto-categorize document type.


Eliminate Faxing Bottlenecks: Remove time-consuming tasks, separate systems, and manual file transfers in fax workflows.

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Automated Questionnaire Calls

Automate voice calls to confirm important procedure prerequisites.


Decrease Patient Calling Costs: Reduce staff burden while reaching patients who prefer voice communication.

Unlock the full potential of your radiology practice