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Empowering Patients in Care

Improve patient satisfaction and engagement with a patient-centric workflow

Follow Along the Patient Journey

Are Costly No-Shows Impacting Your Profitability?

Studies show improved access and satisfaction


increase in patient access to their imaging results


increase in patient satisfaction


reduction in patient no-show rates

Enhance Patient Involvement and Empowerment

Elevating Healthcare Outcomes through Active Patient Participation.

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Patient Self-Service

Empower patients with self-scheduling, rescheduling, intake, and online pay.

Decrease Administrative Cost, Improve Experience
Improve patient experience while reducing costs associated with manual processes.

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Streamlined Communication

Automate reminders, confirmations, questionnaires and more via 2-way SMS or automated voice call.


Reduce No-Shows and Cancelations
Improve patient experience, validate prerequisites, and prevent no-shows.

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Mobile-Optimized Forms

Automate data collection through digital forms ahead of your patient’s appointment.


Improve Patient Experience & Staff Efficiency
Paperless workflows save time, prevent errors, increase patient satisfaction, eliminate wait times.

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Results & Image Access

Provide access to reports and images for patients as soon as they’re available

Improve Outcomes and Reduce Administrative Burden
Improve satisfaction, engagement, follow-up, and reduce provider workload

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Patient Satisfaction Surveys & Analytics

Collect feedback from the patient after their appointment and observe trends in satisfaction with automated reports

Improve Care and Reputation Management
Monitor trends, improve patient experience and prevent negative online reviews  

Unlock the full potential of your radiology practice