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Combat No-Shows, Boost Profitability

Elevate Patient Experience While Streamlining Operations for Greater Returns. 

Elevate Your Patient Experience

How Meeting Expectations Can Set You Apart


of Patients Complain About Wait Times


of Patients Want Better Communication


of Patients Use Online Access to Results

Empowering Patient-Centric Care

Self-Service Hub

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Patient Self-Service 

Grant patients the autonomy of self-scheduling, rescheduling, intake, and online payments. Experience a significant reduction in administrative costs and elevate the patient journey by eliminating manual processes.

Seamless Communication

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Streamlined Communication 

Harness an intelligent waitlist that instantly notifies patients of available slots, ensuring rapid vacancy filling and preserving revenue. Automate reminders, confirmations, questionnaires, and more with 2-way SMS or automated voice calls. Enhance patient experience, validate prerequisites, and significantly reduce no-shows.

Digital Convenience

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Mobile-Optimized Forms

Introduce dynamic, fully customizable digital forms that patients can effortlessly complete on their mobile device ahead of their appointment. Transition to paperless workflows, save time, minimize errors, and enhance both patient satisfaction and staff efficiency.

Results Access

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Results & Image Access

Offer patients immediate access to their reports and images as soon as they're available. Boost satisfaction, engagement, follow-up rates, and lighten the administrative load for providers.

Feedback & Insights

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Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Gather invaluable feedback post-appointment and monitor satisfaction trends with automated reports. Enhance care quality, manage your reputation, and proactively address potential online criticisms.

With AbbaDox, Patient Engagement is More.

Optimize patient engagement within our cloud-native platform. Simplify communication at every stage: Referral, Pre-Registration, Scheduling, Intake, Visit & Procedure, and Post-Appointment. Automate reminders, streamline self-service options, and gather patient insights. Experience unparalleled efficiency and enhanced patient interactions, all while driving down operational costs.

Efficiency Unlocked

Efficiency Unlocked

For Front Desk Staff

Efficient Patient Interaction and Reduced Administrative Load

Harness the power of self-service options and automated reminders to decrease manual tasks. This efficiency not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures patients feel catered to, leading to higher satisfaction rates and return visits.

For Practice Managers

Maximize Patient Engagement and Secure Revenue

Utilize the intelligent waitlist and streamlined communication tools to rapidly fill vacancies, ensuring a consistent patient flow and safeguarding revenue. By offering patients timely communication and digital conveniences, you enhance loyalty and reduce the chances of them seeking services elsewhere.

For Radiologists and Care Providers

Enhanced Patient Compliance and Improved Care Outcomes

By providing patients with immediate access to results and images, you ensure timely follow-ups and adherence to care plans. This not only leads to better health outcomes for patients but also boosts the center's reputation for effective and efficient care.

"We lowered our no-show rates from above 10% to below 5%, which led to significant revenue growth."

Raul J238
Raul J. Arizpe
President and Chief Operating Officer at Desert Imaging

Integrated Scheduling Workflow

Integrate the Patient Engagement features with our advanced Scheduling Workflow. Benefit from streamlined procedures, reduced no-shows, maximized revenue, simplified onboarding, and scheduling transparency to optimize operations and elevate patient care at your imaging center.

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