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Welcome to the Modern Radiology Enterprise Ecosystem

AbbaDox is a cloud-based software-as-a-service company and a leader in radiology information services. Our suite of mission-critical software applications optimize operational workflows, clinical documentation, and care coordination. The platform is built to host responsive and intelligent, on-demand applications that optimize operations and workflows. Whether you opt for one of our applications or a comprehensive solutions suite, you immediately benefit from a modern software architecture and IT systems that are based on fundamental concepts of seamless integration and interoperability which are the keys to optimization.

AbbaDox Cloud provides all the systems necessary to run your radiology practice under a single roof, powered by the cloud, with zero or minimal IT footprint.  

Radiology from A to Z

From the moment your patient needs a referral and until their physician gets the results – the entire process is handled through our seamlessly integrated applications and workflows.

Built for Large-scale Imaging Enterprises

We proudly service nationwide practices with dozens of outpatient locations, rural inpatient radiology departments, as well as single location/multi-modality practices. AbbaDox can scale infinitely, and all sizes are welcome.

Take It All or Just What You Need

Protect your existing investment by connecting the AbbaDox Cloud to your on-premises systems, such as PACS, revenue cycle management, or radiologist workflows.

Clinical Intelligence Meets Business Intelligence

In addition to providing you with industry-leading radiology information system and workflows, AbbaDox delivers a highly sophisticated CRM for managing and measuring the marketing and business activities of your imaging enterprise. Correlate your marketing expenditures with the practice’s actual performance, in real-time.

Best of Breed Marketplace, with a Single Login

AbbaDox has hand-picked and partnered with the best software and service providers in the industry to deliver our users a seamless experience, from a world-class diagnostic image viewer, to a comprehensive revenue cycle management system, and even uber, to take your patients to their appointments and back home safely.

We Know Radiology Inside-out

We have been in the field since 2003, delivering software services and innovative solutions to various radiology environments, handling tens of millions of studies per year throughout the entire continuum of care.

We Are Passionate About the Cloud

AbbaDox was created as a cloud platform from the beginning. We had to build advanced systems before they became mainstream, in order to provide our customers with an elastic, future-proof system, delivered at scale. Someone once told us that “You were cool in the cloud before the cloud was cool.”

Your Data is Safe with Us

We take security seriously. Our HITRUST Certification demonstrates our commitment to being stewards of patient information, with the care and concerns of our clients, their patients, and our business partners as a core motivation in all that we do.



Learn how our solutions can integrate into your existing systems, allowing you to streamline workflows, grow your business and improve patient experience.