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One Platform to Optimize Radiology Workflows

Unify Your Imaging Center Operations in One Place

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Optimizing Every Stage of the Patient Journey



Boost Referrals. Seamless appointment scheduling and instant patient result access. Strengthen your network, increase visibility. Up to 25% referral rate increase.



Start Smart. Automate essential data capture, set clear expectations, and fast-track insurance verifications. Make the first step a leap forward. Cut admin time by 40%.



Never Miss Out. Reduce errors and time to schedule complex procedures—Automate patient communications. Reduce no-shows by 18%.



Onboard Like a Pro. Go digital for secure, quick data collection. Smooth transitions, happier patients. Speed up intake by 50%.

Visit & Procedure

Visit & Procedure

Maximize Productivity. Equip your team with tools that work as hard as you do. Seamless legacy system integration. Boost productivity by 20%.



Keep Them Coming Back. Automated surveys, easy follow-ups, and instant online payments. Better experience, higher retention. Improve patient satisfaction by 30%, increase retention by 15%.

Workflow Solutions for Radiology Excellence

Workflow Solutions for Radiology Excellence

Operations & Scheduling

Maximize operational efficiency through a fully automated scheduling and administrative workflow. Support multiple scheduling sources, handle insurance checks and payments, and improve staff productivity and data accuracy to save time and reduce overhead.

Referring Physicians

Enhance referring physicians' communication and collaboration with your imaging center, quickly offer access to patient results, and easily maintain critical relationships.


Empower technologists with tools to maximize productivity and collaboration. Integrate seamlessly with legacy solutions to optimize data sharing, automate imaging procedures, and enhance efficiency in patient care.


Achieve diagnostic precision and efficiency through our specialized templates and NLP-integrated reporting. Minimize errors and tailor your reporting methods while benefiting from automated performance analytics.

Marketing Professionals

Leverage a comprehensive platform to target and engage referring physicians. Utilize data-driven insights to tailor marketing strategies, enhance outreach, and grow the imaging center's market presence.


Enhance the patient experience with streamlined scheduling, easy access to medical records, and seamless communication. Reduce wait times and paperwork, and gain more control over the healthcare journey.

The AbbaDox Difference



We take a partnership approach to everything we do. You choose the applications, integrations, and services that work best for your unique workflows. Go beyond the box; no one-size-fits-all solutions here.



Because we’re cloud-native and multi-tenant, we enable large-scale enterprise imaging clients to eliminate on-premise hardware and scale capacity without limitation. We were built in the cloud in 2003 — before the cloud was even the cloud! As you grow, you’ll never have to physically increase server space – we natively stretch your capacity. There’s no cap with AbbaDox.



Our single login platform brings together everything you need to digitize the entire patient journey, all in one seamlessly integrated ecosystem. Our job is simply to make yours easier. That’s why all of our radiology workflow solutions are built to automate, digitize, and optimize your operations. Our clean, modern, and easy-to-use interface will help increase overall efficiency from the moment you go live.

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Seamlessly Connect with Essential Radiology Tools

Instantly integrate our radiology information system (RIS) with essential tools like PACS, DICOM Viewer, Revenue Cycle Management, and more. Create a unified ecosystem that enhances efficiency and patient care with AbbaDox.

Streamlining Efficiency, Profitability, and the Patient Experience

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“We lowered our patient no-show rates from above 15% to below 5%, which led to significant revenue growth.”

Raul J
Raul J. Arizpe

President and Chief Operating Officer

Desert Imaging Services

We achieved a 30% reduction in call volume from referring doctors, resulting in a substantial decrease in operational costs.

Zach Harman headshot circle
Zach Harman

RIS / IT Administrator

Health Management Company of America

"The go-live for the Beaches MRI sites was an overall success and credit that to the preparation, training, and communication calls that were driven by the AbbaDox team."

Tim Hays-1
Tim Hays

Director of Clinical Information Systems


“We have been fortunate to grow with the AbbaDox platform for the last ten years and thrilled to implement its latest enhancements across our clinics."

Leigh Anne
Leigh Anne Fernandes


Advanced Diagnostic Group

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