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Welcome to the Modern Radiology Operations Ecosystem

AbbaDox is a cloud-based software-as-a-service company and a leader in cutting-edge Radiology Information System – RIS solutions. Our suite of mission-critical software applications optimize operational workflows, patient engagement, clinical documentation, and care coordination.

The AbbaDox RIS, CRM, Referring Physician Portal, Radiology Workflow Suite, Patient Engagement Solutions, and Healthcare IT Services are all built to optimize your radiology/imagining practice’s operations, elevate care coordination, and enhance the bottom-line. Whether you opt for our comprehensive Radiology Practice solutions suite one of our applications, your diagnostic imaging center, referring doctor and their patients will immediately benefit from a modern software architecture and IT system. Our entire organization was built on the fundamental concepts of seamless integration, innovation, and interoperability which are the keys to maximizing and expanding the practices of our clients and partners.

Powered by the cloud, AbbaDox provides all the systems necessary to run your radiology practice under a single roof, with zero or minimal IT footprint and an uptime guarantee of 99.95%.

Radiology from Referral to Review

From the moment your patient needs a referral, until their physician gets the results – the entire care process is handled through our seamlessly integrated cloud-based applications and workflows.

Built for Large-scale Imaging Enterprises

We proudly service nationwide radiology practices with dozens of outpatient locations, rural inpatient radiology departments, diagnostic imaging center networks, hospital systems, and single location/multi-modality practices. AbbaDox can scale infinitely, and all sizes are welcome.