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Efficient Radiology Reporting

Accelerate report delivery, reduce turnaround times and enhance overall efficiency.

Beyond a Radiologist Reporting Solution

How Meeting Expectations Can Set You Apart


of Radiologists reported burnout symptoms


of Radiologists feel their workflow is inefficient


of Radiologists recognize AI integration will improve efficiency

Unlock Advanced Speech Recognition

Smart Templates

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Smart Templates and Routines

Gain immediate efficiencies by dictating naturally and letting the application reconstruct your narrative into one of the 300+ built-in structured templates.

Incidental Findings

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Critical and Incidental Findings

Handle a critical concern or a potentially misunderstood verbal communication without going outside of the standard reporting routine.

AI Follow-Up

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AI-Enhanced Recommendation

Revolutionize dictation with AI that captures key follow-up actions, enhancing patient care and revenue. Our NLP technology ensures precise, efficient report organization from natural dictation.

Women's Imaging

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Support Women's Imaging

Benefit from streamlined mammography workflows, and quickly capture BI-RADS with one button.

Productivity Analytics

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RVU Analytics

Enhance practice management with our RVU-focused analytics tool. It efficiently measures and analyzes radiologists' productivity through Relative Value Units, optimizing workload and patient care efficiency in radiological practices.

With AbbaDox, Radiologist Reporting is More.

Voice2Dox® connects seamlessly with other AbbaDox workflow solutions to improve your practice, profitability, and patient experience.

Efficiency Unlocked

Efficiency Unlocked

For Radiologists

Enhanced Diagnostic Precision and Workflow Efficiency

Experience streamlined reporting with integrated tools that facilitate accurate and swift diagnoses. This empowers radiologists to focus on high-quality image interpretation, improving diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.

For Referring Physicians

Reliable, Timely Diagnostic Information 

Gain access to precise and timely radiology reports, enhancing clinical decision-making. This seamless integration between radiology and referring physicians fosters better patient management and efficient healthcare delivery.

For Patients

Accelerated Diagnosis and Personalized Care 

Benefit from quicker and more accurate diagnostic reporting, leading to faster treatment decisions. This optimized workflow ensures a more personalized and responsive healthcare experience, enhancing patient satisfaction and care.

"Referring physicians want fast exam turnaround and immediate streamlined access to results. AbbaDox enables us to do just that."

mike christie
Mike Christie
Operations & Process Improvement at HMCA

Integrated Patient Engagement

Integrate the Radiologist Reporting Workflow with our advanced Patient Engagement features. Benefit from self-scheduling, mobile forms, and patient insights to streamline operations and enhance patient care.

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