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Improve Radiologist Productivity and Patient Care

Optimize Efficiency, Accuracy, and Accountability with Seamlessly Integrated Radiologist Reporting Workflow Solutions

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When we say less is more, we mean it.

Clunky radiologist workflows and disjointed systems add seconds to each study. These seconds add up to hours of lost productivity and delayed turnaround times, ultimately impacting quality care. The AbbaDox Radiologist Workflow Suite was built and designed around real-world use cases. Leverage a powerful reporting application that utilizes speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP) engines to optimize efficiency, accuracy, and accountability.

Smart Templates and Routines

Gain immediate efficiencies by dictating naturally and letting the application reconstruct your narrative into one of the 300+ built-in structured templates.

Embedded Critical and Incidental Findings Workflow

Handle a critical concern or a potentially misunderstood verbal communication without going outside of the standard reporting routine.

NLP Integration into Voice2Dox®

Create structured reports in a fraction of the time. Our NLP engine inserts naturally dictated text into the right place in the final report.

Support Women's Imaging

Benefit from streamlined mammography workflows, and quickly capture BI-RADS with one button.

Multi-Speech Engine Compatibility

Integrated with multiple industry-leading, state-of-the-art speech recognition engines.

Reduce Errors and Minimize Fatigue

Identify and flag common dictation and omission errors, such as laterality or gender-related issues.

Reporting Your Way

Select from preset templates, use the Dragon Naturally Speaking powered by Nuance, leverage the Speech Anywhere speech engines, or send reports to editors or medical transcription services. You choose what works best for your radiologists.

Analyze and Optimize Performance

Automatically email reports to all or a select group of providers who were on the previous shift with highlights of types of studies read, amounts, average TATs, work RVUs, strongest/weakest hours within the shift, and an anonymized comparison against other providers during the same shift.

Minimize Your IT Footprint

Leverage the portability, flexibility, and convenience of a fully cloud-native workflow without the burden of server maintenance.

Beyond Dictation to Advanced Speech Recognition

With our proprietary voice dictation platform, Voice2Dox®, select from preset templates, utilize your choice of speech engine to transcribe, and send the recording to medical transcription services – all in one platform.

  • Unlock powerful, context-aware technology for coding and billing, critical findings, follow-up recommendations, and other actionable insights.
  • Leverage a zero-footprint diagnostic viewer and connect to any PACS, VNA, or EMR to deliver uninterrupted access to images.
  • Make key words mandatory to alert the radiologist of key elements before they submit the report.

Referral Marketing CRM

Grow your referring physician volume using a robust, real-time analytics tool built for healthcare.

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Beyond a Radiologist Workflow Solution

Voice2Dox® connects seamlessly with other AbbaDox workflow solutions to improve your practice, profitability, and patient experience.