Grow Your Referral Volumes with Real-Time Analytics

Turn Reactive Strategies into Real-Time Relationship Building with the AbbaDox Referral Marketing CRM

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Typical referring physician workflows include database downloads, manual exports, and third-party information requests that leave marketers and practice leaders combing through data that’s days, weeks, or even months behind.

Built based on feedback from outpatient imaging centers, healthcare leaders, and radiology marketers, the AbbaDox Referral Marketing CRM helps you track, manage, predict, and grow your referring physician relationships in the most intuitive way.

Discover the Power of Real-time Referral Data

Our AbbaDox Referral Marketing CRM integrates directly with the AbbaDox CareFlow RIS, eliminating the headache of spreadsheets, manual calculations, and homegrown databases.

Identify Referral Trends with Real-Time Analytics

Measure referral volumes based on completed and scheduled studies to provide a more accurate and timely picture of return your marketing ROI.

Empower Your Marketers

Document visits and encounters with ordering physicians to analyze where your time is best spent.

Visualize Your Marketing Reach with Account and Prospect Mapping

Map referring physicians' addresses around your imaging centers to geographically visualize market share.

Track Expenses for Regulatory Compliance

Intuitive tools allow marketers to document all of their expenses related to referring physicians and groups while following regulatory guidelines for non-monetary compensation.

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A Simple, Streamlined, and More Strategic Way to Increase Referrals

So, what makes AbbaDox CRM so unique? We understand the complexity of the data that feeds scheduling and other care delivery applications. Our platform layers in analytics and dashboard tools to provide precise, real-time insight to referral activities and trends.

Real-time Analytics Report Library

A library of powerful analytics reports derived from real-time data gives you key insights into your current, historic, and forecasted referral activity.

Analyze On The Go

With our mobile application, you’ll always have quick access to trend reports, real-time data, and physician information.

Frequent Updates

AbbaDox Referring Physician CRM is updated eight times a year, and because it’s cloud-based, the latest version is always at your fingertips.

Low Effort, Maximum Result Personalization

Create and share notes amongst multiple marketers about individual physicians or practices. Never forget birthdays, favorite treats, or other personal details that can better enhance relationship-building efforts.

Record Merging

Combine referring records that may have been duplicated in your RIS.

Performance Oversight Tools

Evaluate performance, outreach efforts, and return on investment with financial analytics.

Real-Time Reports for Powerful Provider Engagement

Gain up-to-the-minute access to referral activity from any device, anywhere. Break down reports by modality, service type, location, individual physician, or imaging group.

Trend Notification Report

Show changes in referral trends and automatically notify key stakeholders by email of performance changes based on criteria that you establish. Have a VIP physician you’re hoping will refer? Our system can send an email notification alert to practice managers when VIPs refer patients, so they can prioritize the referral and build stronger relationships.

Detailed Expense Tracking

Stay within regulatory (Stark Law) guidelines for non-monetary compensation using intuitive tools for expense tracking by physician or group.

Historic Activity Report

Run a real-time trend report to show variations in referring doctor activity over time.

Dormant Physician Report

Display a list of doctors with no referral activity within an established window of time, so your marketers can redirect efforts as needed.

Productivity Report

Match referral activity against your visits and marketing activities to show your return on investment.

Prospect Mapping

Track visit frequency across designated territories and actual engagements by your marketers.

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Maximize the Potential of Your CRM

AbbaDox Referring Physician CRM connects seamlessly with other AbbaDox applications to provide even more functionality to improve your practice, profitability, and patient experience.

Referring Physician Portal

Give your referring providers real-time visibility into patient appointment statuses, notifications about missed appointments, and alert them to findings that require follow up.

Learn how our solutions can integrate into your existing systems, allowing you to streamline workflows, grow your business and improve patient experience.