As healthcare providers strive to meet market trends and regulatory challenges, adding functionality often involves tacking on new technology to the existing legacy applications. In many cases, when systems are retrofitted with “bolt-on” integrated point solutions the end result is often clunky and disjointed.

Not in our case. AbbaDox Cloud is a proven compute fabric, not a patchwork of technologies created through acquisition. Built with growth in mind from the start, additional functionalities and solutions are developed in ecosystem harmony. Whether you opt for one application or a comprehensive solution suite, you immediately benefit from a modern software architecture and IT systems founded on concepts of seamless integration and interoperability. From the IT platform, to the applications and services that run on it, you can rest assured, you’ll have user-friendly, intuitive, time-tested applications.

Modular Applications

Our highly customizable workflows are designed and built to optimize workflows. Using the AbbaDox platform and its modular, “building block” applications improves administrative, clinical and daily business tasks.


Integrated with Existing Systems, Across Multiple Platforms

Applications can interface with other 3rd party information systems including proprietary software and mobile solutions.

Intuitive User Experience

Our intuitive systems makes it easy from start to learning and navigate the applications so you can focus accomplish the tasks in your workday.


Deploy and Scale Up Quickly

AbbaDox Cloud was built to be flexible to meet the rigorous demands of multiple locations, disparate systems and other obstacles that prevent seamless integration. It serves as an integration powerhouse, scalable to any size organization.

Avoid Costly Hardware and Software Upgrades

Eliminate the headaches and costs associated with managing application upgrades and hardware maintenance. Since software updates are automatic, you never need to think about installing the latest version.

Resilient to Threats

Through redundant cloud architecture, offsite disaster protection is built into your technology stack, allowing you to resume operations as quickly as possible.
A Cloud Built for Healthcare

To ensure the highest degree of performance, security and business continuity, we own and operate a private cloud exclusively dedicated to healthcare. Data-center redundancies with hot failover provide additional levels of protection and resilience.

Through a nation-wide and highly available compute fabric we can deliver reliability, availability and scalability to accommodate the demands of healthcare organizations.

An Intelligent Events Engine

The AbbaDox platform has a proprietary enterprise bus engine, e2, that contains business rules and a common framework to orchestrate and trigger application functions. As the command center for clinical data and workflows, e2 enables highly efficient message exchange between facilities and systems, bolstering care coordination and productivity.

Going Beyond Just HIPAA Compliance

Finding a cloud partner that can ensure HIPAA compliance is of utmost importance to maintaining patient privacy and data security for healthcare organizations. AbbaDox takes this one step further by achieving HITRUST CSF certification. HITRUST provides a common framework for handling patient data and implementing the appropriate safeguards to ensure compliance with HIPAA, the FTC and other data security regulations.

HITRUST is an industry benchmark that organizations are measured against with regards to information protection and safeguarding PHI. AbbaDox has met key regulatory and industry-defined requirements and is appropriately managing risk in order to achieve HITRUST CSF Certification.

AbbaDox traffic is monitored 24/7/365 by a dedicated security operations center, with capabilities to immediately respond to cyber threats.

During adoption, AbbaDox was able to overcome any obstacles that arose. We realized once we had accomplished our objectives, AbbaDox was the only vendor who could have met our needs. Once we overcame the technical hurdles, we saw that our users quickly understood the product and the efficiency it brought to them and our teams.

Zach Harman

IT/RIS Administrator at HCMA

AbbaDox’s dedication to our practice operations is evident in everything they did, and as a result, we developed a great working relationship with their team. Their attention to detail and problem-solving approach helped us modernize our business and become more competitive in our market.

Zach Harman

IT/RIS Administrator at HCMA


Don’t Settle for Solutions Stuck in Maintenance Mode
Benefit from a constantly evolving library of solutions, without the server refresh cycle of the client-server model.

AbbaDox delivers innovative, customized software applications that connect systems, data and people to facilitate optimum operational performance, sound decision making and collaboration.