Data Services

Welcome to Abbadox's Data Services page, where we specialize in addressing the healthcare industry's most pressing data security challenges. In today's digital age, healthcare data management, and security have become crucial aspects of maintaining the privacy and integrity of sensitive patient information. Healthcare organizations confront particular challenges when it comes to protecting sensitive data due to the quick development of technology and the growing dependence on electronic health records.

At Abbadox, we understand the critical importance of protecting healthcare data from unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats. Our comprehensive data services encompass cutting-edge solutions and robust strategies designed to fortify your organization's data infrastructure. Whether it's implementing secure data storage systems, implementing encryption protocols, or conducting regular audits to identify vulnerabilities, our expert team is well-equipped to address your specific healthcare data security needs. Trust Abbadox to be your reliable partner in ensuring the utmost confidentiality and integrity of your valuable healthcare data.

Meet All Your Healthcare Data Needs

We offer a suite of services developed specifically with healthcare information in mind, to import, store, extract, process and intelligently orchestrate vast amounts of different data.

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Management and Storage
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Orchestration Services

We don’t just archive data – we understand it.

While other cloud-based services provide similar archival functionalities, AbbaDox Cloud was built with the needs of healthcare organizations for advanced projects and workflows in mind. Knowledge of intricate pieces of information can mean different things in different contexts. We can bring your data back to life.

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Data Management and Storage

Import any kind of clinical, imaging, and administrative types of documentation into AbbaDox Cloud and conveniently view them in a zero-footprint environment. All your data is stored securely, and intuitively indexed in a clinical data repository with strict access rules and retention policies. Examples for types of documents are demographics data, scanned intake forms and documents, ID and insurance cards, electronic forms, dictated and transcribed reports, lab results, insurance verifications, payer authorizations, inbound and outbound faxes, fully diagnostic radiology images, pre-op and post-op photos, EKGs, and many others.

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Data Migration

Healthcare IT projects always involve migration of data from one system into another. Throughout our many years of experience, we have developed tools and expertise on extracting necessary information from legacy systems, converting it into useable formats, and pushing into a new system. Most commonly, we have encountered migrations of RIS and PACS, as well as other purpose-built systems such as document management and report archives.

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Data Mining

With NLP and other techniques, we can unlock insights from structured and unstructured documents. We can explore and index all the hidden data, finding answers to questions such as “Do we have critical findings?”, “Are we compliant with imaging guidelines?” and more. These insights can be used to drive actionable workflows and analytics towards conclusions.

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Data Mining for AI and ML Training

Use our data mining services as a pipeline for producing consistent training sets for artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. We will take the data from your various disparate systems, extract the insights that your algorithm is looking for, and produce a common format for easy ingestion. Along the way, we will help you anonymize or de-identify the data while maintaining clinical continuity from one document to the next while preserving patient context.

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Data Rendering

Information is often stored in raw formats that is not user-friendly for viewing or sharing. Our custom-built rendering engines are designed to consume data in various formats, such as JSON, XML, or direct database access, and produce a set of viewable and shareable documents, either as a batch or in real-time. Common scenarios include: a) graphical representation of the DICOM Structured Report (SR) objects as they arrive from modalities, b) simplification of the insurance eligibility results into a friendlier and more focused format, and c) production of clinical documentation with location-specific branding for different types of usages, such as patients, referring providers, and downstream systems.

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Orchestration Services

As data gets created or ingested in AbbaDox, our ability to not only process data but also understand its nuances and intricacies, allows us to react to different conditions as they are encountered. Reactions can be as simple as changing statuses or modifying fields, or as complex as invoking internal microservices or calling external APIs for further processing and escalations. These orchestration services can be limited to look inside the current transaction only or be as comprehensive and context-aware throughout a series of events that can spread across seconds, minutes, days, or more, and only react appropriately once a “packet” of information has been sufficiently assembled and ready for the next steps.

Learn how our solutions can integrate into your existing systems, allowing you to streamline workflows, grow your business and improve patient experience.