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Pioneering Women's Health Solutions

Unify, Streamline, and Elevate Your Breast Health Workflow.

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Navigating Breast Health Challenges

Addressing Key Concerns in Mammography Care for Enhanced Efficiency.


of Patients Concerned Over Mammography Delays


of Imaging Centers Face Breast Health Workflow Issues


of Imaging Centers Report Breast Health Data Errors

Breast Health Excellence


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Audit-Ready Compliance

Simplify your MQSA standards adherence.

Generate accurate and timely MQSA reports with ease, ensuring you're always audit-ready and up-to-date.

Streamlined Management

Streamlined Health Management

Centralize your breast health operations.

Effortlessly oversee appointments, records, and reports, ensuring optimized operations and enhanced patient care.

Activity Tracking

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Activity Tracking

Stay ahead in patient connections.

Coordinate and monitor your outreach initiatives for recall and follow-up appointments, ensuring no patient is left behind.

Biopsy & Pathology

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Top-Tier Patient Care

Optimize your diagnostic process.

Capture and structure vital biopsy and pathology data swiftly, ensuring top-tier patient care with every diagnosis.

Lay Letters

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Efficient Patient Communication

Automate your patient correspondence.

Easily view and print patient lay letters, streamlining communication and ensuring timely updates for every individual.

With AbbaDox, Less is More

Optimize breast health management within our cloud-native platform. Automate patient tracking, coordinate diagnostic procedures and gain insights from Tyrer-Cuzick Scoring. Benefit from added precision and efficiency, all while enhancing patient care.

Efficiency Unlocked

Efficiency Unlocked

For Radiologists

Improve report quality and turnaround times.

  • Customize BI-RADS workflows for mammography-related exams, including Ultrasound and Breast MRIs
  • Automatically turn natural speech into structured reporting
  • Customize report templates with smart fields to automate breast exam dictation selections and BI-RAD values and densities
For Patients

Empower patients with integrated health management solutions.

  • Schedule appointments for early breast cancer screenings
  • Confirm, cancel, and check in through text messaging
  • Access results and images through the patient portal
For Administrators

Automate time-consuming compliance and coordination tasks so you can focus on patient care.

  • Address compliance requirements with ease using RIS-integrated MQSA reporting
  • Automate recall letters, lay letters, appointment confirmations, check-ins, and other time-intensive workflows

“AbbaDox’s Mammography Solution and seamless PACS integration allowed us to streamline our workflows and provided us with unmatched flexibility.”

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Dr. Caroline Reich
President, Women’s Imaging Associates

Integrated Patient Engagement

Integrate Breast Health Management with our advanced Patient Engagement features. Benefit from self-scheduling, mobile forms, and patient insights to streamline operations and enhance patient care.

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