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Streamlining Radiology Patient Scheduling

Book more appointments with a fully automated scheduling workflow.

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Is Inefficient Scheduling Affecting Your Practice?

Client studies show significant improvements in turnaround time and productivity.


increase in staff productivity


reduction in patient wait times


improvement in data accuracy

Streamlining and Simplifying Patient Scheduling

Experience Seamless Coordination of Appointments, Patient Information, Insurance, Orders, and Radiology Resources.

Appointment Scheduling
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Scheduling from Multiple Sources

Support walk-ins, EHR orders, physician portals, and patient self-scheduling.


Reduce Overhead, Increase Appointments
Reduce manual data entry errors and appointment booking overhead.

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Advanced Scheduling Wizard

Configure complex rules and customize user-friendly wizards for referring physicians, patients, and center staff.


Minimize Training & Onboarding Costs
Minimize training, onboarding, and knowledge dependencies with a user-friendly scheduling system.

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Mobile-Optimized Patient Engagement

Offer self-service for appointment management & eForms and automate patient communication.


Reduce No-Shows and Cancelations 
Improve patient experience, prevent no-shows, and simplify SMS workflows

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Registration & Intake Documents

Streamline faxed orders, and paper and digital form management.


Reduce Paperwork, Improve Patient Care 
Paperless, digital fax, and pre-filled barcoded paper workflows save time and prevent errors.

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AI-Enhanced Waitlist

Add your patient to a waitlist and automate booking when a vacancy in the appointment calendar appears.


Keep Your Schedule Full & Offer Convenience
Effortlessly accommodate patients who need an earlier appointment.

Unlock the full potential of your radiology practice