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Maximize Efficiency with Streamlined Scheduling

Plan Complex Procedures, Reduce No-Shows and Gain Full Insight.

Optimize Your Imaging Center's Efficiency

Streamline Scheduling and Enhance Patient Experience.


of Patients Complain About Wait Times


of Imaging Centers Report Data Inaccuracies


of Outpatient Centers Face Scheduling Challenges

Unlock Scheduling Excellence

Streamline Scheduling

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Streamline Complex Scheduling

Make complex scheduling simple with one click.
Book nuclear imaging exams and required radiopharmaceutical administrations in a single click for seamless patient care.

Reduce Staff Burden

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Reduce Staff Burden

Optimize patient interaction and scheduling.
Enable self-service appointment management and eForms, while automating patient SMS communication to elevate the experience.

Maximize Revenue

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Maximize Revenue and Efficiency

Automate patient booking to never miss revenue opportunities.
Seamlessly fill last-minute cancellations and accommodate patients effortlessly, offering them earlier appointment options as soon as a time slot opens.

Easy Self-Scheduling

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Simplify Self-Scheduling

Empower patients without sacrificing control.
Allow self-scheduling based on body part images, guiding patients to the appropriate procedure for an engaging and error-free process.

Pre-check Optimization

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Pre-check Optimization

Gain full insight into managing unscheduled patients.
Efficiently review insurance, pre-authorization, co-payments, and medical necessity for a seamless workflow.

With AbbaDox, Scheduling is More.

Optimize scheduling within our cloud-native platform. Automate waitlists, coordinate procedures, and gain insights. Benefit from added flexibility and efficiency, all while reducing costs.

Efficiency Unlocked

Efficiency Unlocked

For Schedulers

Minimize Errors While Focusing on Optimized Patient Care 
Utilize built-in guardrails and multi-source synchronization to eliminate errors, allowing you to concentrate on enhancing patient experience and care.

For Administrators

Streamline Operations and Unify Complex Procedures for Maximized Efficiency
Leverage features designed to simplify the coordination of dependent procedures and provide full visibility into unscheduled patients for seamless.

For Patients

Achieve Optimal Care Through Maximized Efficiency and Self-Service Options
Benefit from the convenience of automated waitlists and mobile-optimized engagement, leading to enhanced patient satisfaction and, ultimately, improved care outcomes.

We've streamlined complex procedures and reduced documentation time by 40%, enabling our staff to focus on patient experience.

Joseph Oksemberg
Joseph Oksemberg
CEO at Center for Diagnostic Imaging Miami

Integrated Patient Engagement

Integrate the Scheduling Workflow with our advanced Patient Engagement features. Benefit from self-scheduling, mobile forms, and patient insights to streamline operations and enhance patient care.

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