The Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) recently hosted its annual RBMA Spark Marketing Conference on June 15. The virtual event brought together industry leaders and professionals for three sessions specifically tailored to enhancing the skills and expanding the knowledge of radiology marketers in today’s competitive climate.

This year’s beach-themed conference featured a lineup of esteemed speakers, including:

  • Dianne Keen, FRBMA, Vice President of Strategy and Growth at AbbaDox
  • Kim Kelley, FRBMA, Owner/Creative Director, Ali’i Design
  • Janinne Walker, Owner, Ashlan Consulting Services, LLC
  • Tom Marshall, MBA, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Chesapeake Medical Imaging
RBMA Spark Marketing Conference 2023

Spark Sessions

As a nationally recognized subject matter expert in Interventional Radiology/Office Based Labs (OBL) marketing and growth strategies, Dianne Keen shared her expertise during the conference. Her session centered around the fundamentals required to Craft a Winning Marketing Strategy for Interventional Radiology and Unleash Practice Growth Potential. Attendees had the opportunity to learn proven strategies for:

  • Implementing practice growth planning for IR
  • Collaborating with Interventional Radiologists
  • Training for effective referral outreach
  • Crafting impactful messaging
  • Making informed decisions on outsourcing

With her extensive experience, Dianne is often sought after for speaking engagements, consultations, and coaching for interventional radiology practices across the country. For Dianne, the RBMA Spark marketing event holds a special place. Having been closely involved with RBMA for over a decade, Dianne expressed her fondness for the marketing conference. She has served on the program development committee for many years and chaired it for three. "I love nothing more than mentoring and coaching other radiology marketing professionals, and RBMA affords me the opportunity to do so," she explains. Dianne further added that being on the panel with other industry leaders and close friends is one of the highlights of her year.

Dianne Keen, RBMA Spark Presenter_Interventional Radiology Marketing

Other sessions of The Spark conference included presentations covering a range of topics, including the utilization of AI tools in marketing radiology services and the significance of metrics and data analytics in guiding growth efforts.

Maximizing Practice Growth with AbbaDox

The RBMA Spark Marketing Conference provided valuable insights into the ever-evolving field of radiology marketing, equipping professionals with effective strategies and tools to excel in their endeavors.

If you're interested in delving deeper into Interventional Radiology practice development or discovering how our AbbaDox CRM can assist in tracking your efforts to grow your referral volume and provide real-time insight into your marketing strategies, start a conversation with us today! Dianne and our team of subject matter experts can discuss your specific needs and explore potential solutions for maximizing practice growth.

To hear more from Dianne, tune in to our podcast, Practice Perspectives: Keen Insights and our webinar series, Practice Perspectives: Voices of Experience.