Radiology Then and Now: A journey through the evolution of radiology

Why Watch This Webinar:

  • Historical Perspective: Get a comprehensive understanding of how practices have changed over time.
  • Navigating Technological Shifts: Learn how advancements like AI are shaping the future of radiology.
  • Live Q&A with Experts: Have your questions answered in real-time.
Emily R. Groce Headshot 2
Emily R. Groce
MHA, CMPE - ICCE Operations Director- Radiology

Medical University of South Carolina

Pat Kroken Head Shot 2
Patricia Kroken
Director of Education and Corporate Communications

MSN Healthcare Solutions

William Beckett Head Shot 3
Dr. William Beckett

Radiology Associates of Dothan, P.C

Barbara Photo 2022-1
Barbara F. Rubel
Senior VP, Marketing & Client Services

MSN Healthcare Solutions

What Practice Perspectives:
Voices of Experience is all about

Join host Dianne Keen, a nationally recognized industry expert, influencer, and practice ambassador in radiology industry. Get ready for a series of candid conversations and thrilling panel discussions covering the intersection of clinical and business strategy in radiology. Gain exclusive insights, innovative trends, and best practices to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape.

Don't miss complementary Dianne's captivating Keen Insights podcast for more enlightening discussions with radiology professionals.

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