What is a Cloud-Based RIS System?


RIS systems are designed to help radiology-centric organizations and imaging centers manage and streamline clinical, operational and business workflows. When reviewing RIS vendors for your practice, finding a true cloud-based provider should be top priority. Unlike other RIS vendors, AbbaDox offers its RIS as a software-as-a-service solution hosted within its own radiology-dedicated, coast-to-coast private cloud.

Though you’re probably familiar with the “cloud” in reference to your everyday life, the true benefits of a cloud-based RIS will be operational game-changers for your practice.

Why Should Your Practice Use a Cloud-Based Radiology Information System?


There are many reasons why your radiology practice should adopt a cloud-based RIS system. With ever-changing regulatory requirements and reduction in reimbursement, radiology practices can find it hard to remain focused on the quality of patient care without affecting the bottom line. With AbbaDox, you’ll say goodbye to all those headaches associated with constant updates, cumbersome hardware, high-ticket capital costs, frequent maintenance issues including unexpected downtimes, and growing security threats. Your technologists, administrative staff and radiologists won’t have to worry about working within the technology, as the technology will literally work for you. All workflows and user interfaces are designed and optimized to streamline your practice for maximum efficiency.


The AbbaDox cloud-based RIS:


With AbbaDox, absolutely no physical server hardware is required. Your entire platform is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed virtually from anywhere, at any time with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. No on-site installations, costly licenses, or technology staff are required. The entire go-live for your practice can be accomplished remotely.


Securely managing, storing and protecting your practice’s system and patient data can come at a huge cost. With declining reimbursements and expanding government regulations threatening to shrink the profitability of practices across the country, practice managers should be able to focus strictly on the fundamentals. Offsite servers and backup files, patient record storage, and one-off costs for system upgrades can eat away at the bottom line and detract from your competitive edge. With AbbaDox, you can rest easy knowing your data flows securely through a HITRUST-certified, fully HIPAA-compliant platform. Your entire operational ecosystem, complete with seamlessly integrated practice solutions is bundled into one predictive, transparent operating cost.


A cloud-based RIS allows your imaging center to eliminate those all too familiar frustrations with connectivity and when systems go down. With AbbaDox, user access and connectivity are simplified, upgrades are made instantaneously, and a system uptime of four nines (99.99%) is always guaranteed. Your practice will never be taken offline to undergo maintenance. New practices can be implemented quickly, and users are already able to operate remotely without configuring hard-to-maintain VPNs.


When it comes to AbbaDox RIS, there is a constant process of innovation and evolution driven by real-time feedback from the practice management community. The AbbaDox platform is already tailor-made for radiology-centric operations, so no matter where you are in your practice’s growth trajectory, there are always new features available to improve your operations with little effort. Your practice will benefit immensely from the seamlessly integrated applications that are available on-demand to alleviate operational bottlenecks. With a cloud-based system, you can pick and choose which applications work best for your practice. Implementation of new applications will roll out to your imaging center almost immediately. Unlike other RIS solutions, on-demand enhancements are always available and accessible whenever you sign in.


AbbaDox Cloud seamlessly connects all aspects of its RIS software into a modern, intuitive, and customizable platform with no limitations to growth. From large healthcare systems, to regional diagnostic imaging centers, AbbaDox has the ability to scale right alongside your practice and seamlessly integrate with additional internal and third-party applications. These include medical billing software, diagnostic image viewers, eligibility verification, patient and physician portals, patient transportation powered by Uber Health, and many more. We’ll support and promote your growth, not hinder it. New users, new practices, and new clinicians can be on-boarded immediately without the need for VPNs. With AbbaDox, gone are the days of needing additional RAM memory, storage, and compute power to grow your operations.

At AbbaDox, our job is to ensure every aspect of your operational workflow connects flawlessly behind-the-scenes, so you can put your patient experience front and center. Our on-demand RIS applications, managed services, and dedicated team of subject-matter experts work together harmoniously to support the success of your operations. Ready for a demo? Just click below to get started today.