Healthcare never really stops or slows down. We’ve all seen the essential workers out there helping us navigate through this pandemic. Our sincere hope is that in the coming months operations will resume as close to normal as possible, however, the way practices handle care is quickly changing, and along with it so is registration and scheduling. Managers from imaging centers are asking the community: Are we prepared to safely resume operations? What tools are available to help manage patient care while taking the appropriate precautions for COVID-19? In response to these questions and others, using our cloud-based RIS platform, we’ve quickly developed a toolkit of software solutions to help keep your practice up and running, while also keeping your patients and staff safe by following social distancing guidelines.

Automated Patient Texting Services

Manage patient check-in and intake process without the waiting room. Patients can wait in their car and follow prompts to guide them to their appointment.

Appointment Confirmation & Reminders

Remind patients of their appointments and protect your practice by guiding them to appropriate resources if they are not well.

We Listened to our Clients

Several clients called us shortly after the pandemic was declared a national emergency saying they could already see a significant increase in cancellations. As they prepared their centers to resume operations, they wanted to investigate all measures required to secure patient and staff wellbeing. Additionally, they wanted tools that provide them with patient communication and operational insights. Many of our customers are quickly taking advantage of the AbbaDox Platform rich offerings to address the current crisis and deployed solutions with minimal change in behavior.

Realtime Appointment/Rescheduling Dashboard

Receive a real time view of your cancellations, reschedules, no-shows, and projected appointments to drive key decisions.

Automated Patient Texting to Manage Safe Check-in

AbbaDox RIS provides automated patient text services and bidirectional communication, coordinating patient arrival and reception into the practice with minimal physical interaction. Centers can communicate with patients and receive back their response to remind them of their appointment, perform a quick symptom check, attach intake forms, have the patient indicate “Arrived” when they reach the parking lot, and then inform them when it is safe for them to enter the building. Any problems or delays during the check-in process can be communicated between patient and front desk staff alike. This solution can be made quickly available to existing clients upon request.

Safe and Secure Online Bill Pay

Patients can pay online which facilitates no contact payment.

COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

Find out if your patient has any symptoms related to COVID-19 and if it’s safe for them to come in.

Online Self-Scheduling and Registration

Avoid physical interaction associated with front desk workflows.

Results and Image Sharing

Share results and images with referring physicians without passing physical media.

We Work Better Together

With the pandemic impact, diagnostic imaging needs are now considered elective procedures and are therefore delayed. While this approach keeps everyone safer and reduces the spread of the disease, it also builds a tremendous backlog of patients who will rush to reschedule when given the green light. We’re happy to share with you our experience and a few other use cases that have been adopted to accommodate the upcoming surge. Stay tuned for tips on how to restart your business in a safe way.

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