Radiology Workflow Solutions

Streamline workflows with applications and features that eliminate bottlenecks, reduce paper waste and drive efficiency.

Radiology Information System

A centralized system that: accommodates scheduling for multiple locations, streamlines workflows, manages diagnostic orders and imagery and optimizes practice management.

Radiologist Workflow Suite

Give radiologists the tools they need to maximize productivity and enhance radiology reporting.

Mammography Workflow Suite

Streamline mammography workflows and fulfill growing regulatory requirements with a suite of features designed for women’s health.

Referring Physician Engagement Solutions

Maintain and grow relationships with referring physicians.

Referring Physician Portal

Provide physicians with instant access to final results, historical records and DICOM images.


Referral Marketing CRM

Grow your referral volume using a robust, real-time analytics and referral marketing tool built for healthcare.


Results & Image Distribution

Automatically drop final results and images onto the ordering physician’s computer desktop.

Patient Engagement Solutions

Your patients are your top priority. Give them the tools to manage their appointments, access health information and receive notifications.

Patient Portal

Give patients the ability to perform registration tasks, fill forms and schedule appointments using online tools.

Patient Communications

Allows providers to be more patient-centric and responsive to patient preferences with software applications and technology.

Enterprise IT Solutions

As each customer is unique, so are their workflows and data needs. We employ proven methods that capture, analyze and address diverse problems within enterprise imaging and healthcare.

Interoperability Services

Our secure and sound methods connect clinical data within and between enterprises. Whether HL7, FHIR or APIs, we speak your language.

Platform Services

Through a number of partnerships that incorporate best-of-breed technologies, we provide robust solutions that enables: billing, eligibility, vendor neutral archive (VNA), image viewing and more.

Data Services

Our operations team can help you manage your mission-critical information to assure data integrity and correct errors.

Transcription Services

AbbaDox delivers a true convergence of transcription services with automated document and workflow management.

Learn how our solutions can integrate into your existing systems, allowing you to streamline workflows, grow your business and improve patient experience.