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Simplify Order Workflows with Automated Fax Intake

Optimize your registration workflows without changing the way your referring physicians send orders

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A Simple Registration Process

Receive Inbound Faxes Digitally

View faxes in an intuitive list with built-in AI document type sorting and filtering features, and select the fax you wish to sort

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Drag and Drop Pages into Sorting Bin

Drag and drop only the pages you need to associate with your patient's appointment

Easily Associate With Appointment & Procedure

Quickly search for and identify the associated patient record and requested procedures

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Fax Back Incomplete Order to Referring Physician

Streamline incomplete order requests - no more typing cover pages, printing, and manually faxing

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Submit to Scheduling Workflow

Assign tasks, and groups to complete the necessary information to initiate the scheduling workflow


Automated Digital Faxing Benefits

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Increase Efficiency

Streamline the registration process and prevent errors through AI-based document classification, RIS-integration and automation.

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Reduce Onboarding Time

Staff only have to learn one system for all order types and do not have to touch file systems, scanners, or fax machines.

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Staff & Referring Convenience

Referring physicians can send orders without changing their workflows while center staff can receive, sort, and manage registration for all order types in one convenient interface.

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Faster Turnaround, Better Care

When patients are registered and scheduled faster through automation and process optimization, delays are prevented in patient care.

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Accept and Send Any Document

Need to send documentation from the RIS to a fax number? Easily and securely send to your patient's care network.

Streamlining Efficiency, Profitability, and the Patient Experience

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“We lowered our patient no-show rates from above 15% to below 5%, which led to significant revenue growth.”

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Raul J. Arizpe -

President and Chief Operating Officer

Desert Imaging

“We achieved a 30% reduction in call volume from referring doctors, resulting in a substantial decrease in operational costs.”

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Zach Harman

RIS / IT Administrator

Health Management Company of America


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