Improve Patient Experience and Grow Your Business

Meet Demand for Patient Engagement

93% of patients are looking for a digital healthcare experience that makes their interactions easier and more convenient. In contrast, only about 9% of providers are able to offer all the tools patients expect.

With our AbbaDox Patient Portal, you can meet patient demands for digital interaction and help gain that competitive edge. With tools to help you better understand the needs and values of your patients, you can engage with them on a personal and comprehensive level, resulting in a more collaborative process in care and clinical decision-making.

Improve Convenience with a Patient Portal

Provide your patients access to their medical records, enable them to view results, schedule appointments and more from the comfort of their home.

History & Results

View exam results, schedule, notifications and metrics.


Keep patients informed with messages delivered through email, text or portal alerts.

Insurance and Billing

Patients can attach insurance cards, verify eligibility and make payments.



Access and manage prescriptions. 

Ease the Registration Process for Staff and Patients

Supply patients all the required forms needed for their procedure(s) through the Patient Portal.