The collaboration marks a significant step towards operational efficiency and enhanced patient care across 17 locations in Florida and the US Virgin Islands.

AbbaDox is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Radiology Imaging Associates, aimed at enhancing radiology operations and patient care through the integration of its Radiology Information System (RIS) platform. This collaboration will unify technology across 17 locations, streamlining processes and improving care consistency for patients and referring providers.

[AVENTURA, FL, APRIL 2024]: AbbaDox and Radiology Imaging Associates have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership that promises to transform the operational and patient care landscape across Florida and the US Virgin Islands. By bringing together the strengths of this organization under AbbaDox’s CareFlow RIS platform, the partnership is set to elevate the standard of care and operational efficiency across 17 locations, processing over 600,000 annual studies.

AbbaDox's platform will replace multiple point solutions and manual processes, facilitating a leap towards a modernized, streamlined operation. This integration will enhance critical functions such as appointment scheduling and automated patient communications. Moreover, the platform's specialized workflows for breast and lung health, alongside AI-powered follow-up recommendations, promise a significant uplift in patient care quality. By replacing two distinct RIS systems, AbbaDox eradicates the inefficiencies and complexities plaguing Radiology Imaging Associates, setting a new precedent for a seamless, efficient, and patient-centered radiology practice.

Jon Houghton, CIO of Radiology Imaging Associates, provides insight into the imperative for change: "Our journey towards modern patient engagement has been hindered by reliance on outdated systems requiring third-party add-ons, leading to operational bottlenecks and technological setbacks. The shift to AbbaDox represents our commitment to cutting-edge technology, stability, and efficiency, dramatically enhancing our service delivery to patients and referrers alike."

Echoing the sentiment of progress, Houghton adds, "The consolidation from two disparate RIS systems to a centralized AbbaDox platform marks a pivotal shift in our operational strategy. This move is not merely an upgrade but a transformation, ensuring streamlined workflows, enhanced stability, and a future-proof foundation for delivering exceptional service to our patients."

Inspired by Lake Medical Imaging's successful implementation of AbbaDox’s solutions, which led to significant improvements in operational efficiency and patient satisfaction, Radiology Imaging Associates is poised to achieve similar success. The partnership will result in enhanced scheduling efficiency, reduced patient wait times, and substantial cost savings, setting a new benchmark for technological excellence for outpatient imaging centers.

About AbbaDox: 

AbbaDox specializes in cloud-native platform solutions that optimize radiology practice workflows, streamline care delivery, and minimize operational costs. The company's comprehensive suite of solutions supports the entire patient journey, promoting efficiency, enhancing patient care, and achieving operational excellence across healthcare practices.