Breaking the Fax Barrier: Revolutionizing Order Workflows

Streamline registration and order processing workflows without changing the way your referring physicians send orders. AbbaDox's digital faxing solution can receive inbound faxes directly into the RIS and sort them by document type using AI. Easily sort, attach, and reject orders to request more information, all without touching a fax machine. 

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When we say less is more, we mean it.

Our platform brings together everything you need to facilitate the entire patient journey, all in one seamlessly integrated ecosystem at a fraction of what your practice is spending for its disjointed point solutions.

End-to-end Paperless Optimization

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1. Referral

Gain the visibility you need to maintain and grow critical relationships with referring physicians.

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2. Scheduling & Intake

Simplify appointment coordination, digitize the intake process, and automate patient communication — all while reducing costly no-shows.

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3. Visit & Procedure

Empower practice users with tools to maximize productivity & collaboration. Integrate seamlessly with legacy solutions to optimize data sharing.

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4. Post-Appointment

Enhance the patient experience with automated surveys, follow-up visits, and online payment capabilities.

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5. Results Distribution

Enable referring physicians and patients to quickly and easily access historical records, and share results.

“We lowered our patient no-show rates from above 15% to below 5%, which led to significant revenue growth.”

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