Leading with Efficiency: Leadership Insights on Optimized Radiology Operations

Why Watch This Webinar:

  • Understand leadership's impact on radiology efficiency.
  • Learn cost-saving and competitive strategies.
  • Gain insights into technology use and leadership for healthcare innovation.
Jamie Dyer Headshot-2
Jamie Dyer
Chief Outpatient Operations Officer

Central Oregon Radiology

Brenda Bale Headshot
Brenda Bale
Director of Diagnostic Imaging

Springfield Clinic

Jennifer Yahne Headshot-1
Jennifer Yahne
Chief Operating Officer

TRA Medical Imaging

What Practice Perspectives:
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Join host Dianne Keen, a nationally recognized industry expert, influencer, and practice ambassador in radiology industry. Get ready for a series of candid conversations and thrilling panel discussions covering the intersection of clinical and business strategy in radiology. Gain exclusive insights, innovative trends, and best practices to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape.

Don't miss complementary Dianne's captivating Keen Insights podcast for more enlightening discussions with radiology professionals.

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