One in Eight: Breast Cancer: Life After the Diagnosis 

Why Watch This Webinar:

  • Connect with the stories of two radiology professionals-turned-patients, gaining a deeper understanding of the patient experience.
  • Gain an understanding of the emotional and psychological challenges faced during diagnosis and treatment.
  • Inspire change within the industry by embracing lessons learned from those who've walked both sides of the journey.
Katie Robbins Headshot
Katie Robbins
President and Owner

Frame 42 Marketing

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Kelly Spilios
Director of RCM Operations


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Join host Dianne Keen, a nationally recognized industry expert, influencer, and practice ambassador in radiology industry. Get ready for a series of candid conversations and thrilling panel discussions covering the intersection of clinical and business strategy in radiology. Gain exclusive insights, innovative trends, and best practices to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape.

Don't miss complementary Dianne's captivating Keen Insights podcast for more enlightening discussions with radiology professionals.

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