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Schedule Faster. Read Easier. Diagnose Sooner.

Optimize Breast Health Workflows and Women’s Health at Your Diagnostic Imaging Center

Diagnostic Imaging Center

When we say less is more, we mean it.

It’s no secret that mammography screenings are the only proven tool to reduce breast cancer deaths through early detection. But with increasing regulatory requirements and turnaround times for exams, it can be hard for your practice to keep up. With AbbaDox breast health workflow solutions, your practice can streamline women’s care delivery and fulfill regulatory requirements quickly and efficiently.

For every demo booked, AbbaDox will donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Benefits are Clear

For Radiologists

Improve report quality and turnaround times.

  • Customize BI-RADS workflows for mammography-related exams, including Ultrasound and Breast MRIs
  • Automatically turn natural speech into structured reporting
  • Customize report templates with smart fields to automate breast exam dictation selections and BI-RAD values and 

For Patients

Empower patients with integrated health management solutions.

  •  Schedule appointments for early breast cancer screenings
  • Confirm, cancel, and check in through text messaging

For Administrators

Automate time-consuming compliance and coordination tasks so you can focus on patient care.

  •  Address compliance requirements with ease using RIS-integrated MQSA reporting
  • Automate recall letters, lay letters, appointment confirmations, check-ins, and other time-intensive workflows

Book a demo today to see how your practice can benefit from an integrated solution for women’s health.