Imaging centers are quickly adopting new technologies to meet the evolving demands of patient care and shrinking reimbursements. At AbbaDox, we’re redefining and simplifying radiology with a robust cloud-based RIS that reduces bottlenecks in appointment scheduling, registration, eligibility verification, document management, and payment collection.

Through seamless integration, automation, and optimization, AbbaDox leverages the power of the cloud to streamline practice workflows at radiology practices across the country.

Can Your RIS Do This?


Integrate with an enterprise-level technology stack in a single dashboard that includes cloud solutions for paperless registration, self-scheduling, patient engagement, referring physician engagement, PACS, diagnostic image viewing, and practice billing

Reduce no shows and optimize scheduling across multiple locations or appointment types

Verify insurance eligibility in real-time for quicker reimbursement


Automate the intake process to avoid waiting room backup

Streamline payment collection online

Leverage bi-directional texting to send appointment reminders, important facility information, and patient surveys

Track and manage referrals in real-time

Uncover key trends with powerful embedded BI and reporting


Eliminate cumbersome and costly manual paperwork with all-digital workflows, faxes, and patient charts

Operate with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% in a HITRUST Certified, HIPAA-Compliant cloud platform

Receive continuous system updates as soon as they’re released, with no added charges or downtime


Scale infinitely without limitations from a single workstation to multi-site enterprises

Reduce IT challenges and alleviate the physical and financial burden of maintaining hardware and software

Deploy to all personnel in all locations in weeks, not months

So, can your RIS do this?

If not, it’s time you book a demo [LINK] with us at RSNA 2021. If you’re reluctant to change your current RIS, we still have solutions for you. Power up your RIS with AbbaDox’s ecosystem of seamlessly integrated solutions like patient engagement, empowered appointment scheduling, incoming/outgoing digital faxes, CRM, analytics, and more!

We’ll be waiting for you in Booth 6539, where we’ll show you how our suite of solutions, including our industry-leading, cloud-based RIS, can bring your practice to the next level.

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