To fortify Diagnostic Imaging Infrastructure, Image Processing And Clinical Workflows

FORT LAUDERDALE–November 17, 2016– Healthcare IT cloud computing firm IDS announced today that Unified Physician Management (UPM), the nation’s leading obstetrics and gynecology (Ob/Gyn) practice development partner, has selected AbbaDox enterprise solution to help build upon its success of providing best-of-breed technology and business services for its women’s healthcare providers.

IDS will provide software and IT services to meet the changing needs of UPM’s physician partners, delivering care to more than 1.7 million patients. IDS will deploy its radiology applications and develop more efficient methods for processing, interpreting, distributing and storing diagnostic images. The project will entail DICOM image integration with and migration from UPM’s existing information systems. The applied enhancements will streamline workflows, improve medical image processing and accelerate results transmission to positively impact patient care and outcomes.

“UPM executives recognize how cloud technology, and AbbaDox in particular, can play a fundamental role in providing enhanced services to their physicians, while serving as a foundation for supporting growth,” said IDS CEO, Yaniv Dagan. “This underscores the fact that ours is a strategic business relationship.”

In addition to image management, UPM will utilize IDS’ clinical reporting with speech recognition, document management and scanning, and modality worklist applications. IDS also will support UPM’s quality initiatives with data analytics and real-time systems monitoring. Administrators can track key performance indicators using executive dashboards and AbbaDox Analytics online.

“Implementing AbbaDox Cloud means we can adopt a flexible, hybrid approach: leveraging existing point solution systems, filling gaps in functionality and significantly improving efficiency throughout our organization with built-in scalability to accommodate new practices coming onboard,” said Allan Boshell, Chief Growth Officer at UPM. “Not only are providers assured access to the latest and greatest HCIT, we have the added benefit of improving interoperability, injecting intelligent automation to boost productivity and managing operational risk with sound data analytics.”

More than 1000 women’s healthcare providers utilize UPM’s business management services for contracting, performance modeling, purchasing, staffing, billing and accounting, allowing them to preserve practice autonomy while maintaining financial stability. UPM currently partners with practices in five states: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Washington and Texas.

In addition to single-specialty group management services, UPM also provides turnkey in-office mammography services geared specifically for Ob/Gyn practices, offering Board Certified Radiologists and state-of-the-art technology for comprehensive breast health care and breast cancer prevention.