Voice2Dox 3.0 Vastly Improves Clinical Reporting Performance and Routines Control in the Cloud

CHICAGO, IL – December 3, 2013

IDS, a pioneer in healthcare information and cloud technology, today announced the release of Voice2Dox 3.0, its innovative speech recognition application for clinical reporting, at the RSNA 2013 convention. The release includes significant productivity enhancements that establish centralized control of templates and routines for organizational language uniformity. The new Voice2Dox also features specialty-based sharing of routines, embedded key images, and standardization tools to assure proper coding of services for billing and reduce unnecessary claim rejections or reimbursement delays.

Voice2Dox 3.0 provides configurable master routines controls that help administrators impose reporting standards without jeopardizing individual expression. Physicians are provided with exam-specific real-time checklists and recommendations, with reminders of key elements, measurements, and mandatory phrases that must be present prior to submitting a finalized report.

“The new features of our voice-enabled reporting platform are leading-edge,” said Yaniv Dagan, CEO of IDS. “Voice2Dox 3.0 offers unparalleled capabilities to improve productivity. It certainly makes reporting easier and faster for the physicians, but at the same time addresses executives’ pain points, such as maintaining consistency throughout the enterprise, and elevates their command to an entirely new level of precision and productivity control.”

Among the enhancements in Voice2Dox 3.0 are:

  • Specialty-based sharing of routines – Physicians have greater control over the community and sub-specialty sharing of routines.  In addition to private and system-wide public routine assignments, the new Voice2Dox now features two additional methods: sharing all current and future routines between mentors and followers in Twitter-like manner, and explicitly sharing particular templates with specific individuals.
  • Locking areas in the routines – Administrators can lock critical sections of the report templates to enforce language standardization.
  • Embedded key images – Radiologists can capture and embed snapshots from images taken the directly from any PACS.
  • Improved application performance – The re-engineered intelligent cloud-based caching mechanism significantly minimizes load times while allowing users to have thousands of templates in their libraries.

“These enhancements are a direct result of our constant interaction with doctors and administrators,” said Isaac Aronov, IDS Chief Technology Officer.  “We also alleviate IT concerns. Our cloud architecture enables Voice2Dox to scale from a single facility to dozens of facilities without increasing the IT footprint in the organization. It is a powerful platform for clinical documentation for enterprises of all sizes.”

The new version will be available at no additional cost to current Voice2Dox customers.

IDS is showcasing Voice2Dox 3.0 and the AbbaDox Rad eco-system at RSNA 2013 in booth 6563.

About IDS

IDS is the leader in cloud-based healthcare information technology and radiology software and solutions. With its powerful platform, AbbaDox, IDS enables its clients to automate the creation, distribution and management of clinical documentation and patient charts. IDS improves the key stages of care delivery and complements them with results-driven business and analytics tools. For more information, please visit www.abbadox.com