Accommodates Diverse Needs of Unique Surgical and Imaging Center

 FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – September 22, 2016 – IDS today announced that Sarasota Interventional Radiology (SIR) in Sarasota, Florida, has implemented AbbaDox EHR as its adaptive electronic health records system to improve operational efficiency and demonstrate Meaningful Use. AbbaDox EHR is one of a suite of software-as-a-service healthcare applications built on IDS’ innovative cloud computing technology platform.

“We are proud to work with SIR, a patient-centric practice offering advanced surgical and imaging services,” said IDS CEO Yaniv Dagan. “They realized early on that AbbaDox Cloud can provide mission-critical applications with the flexibility to fit their specific needs and help them tackle operational pain points and streamline workflows.”

AbbaDox supports SIR’s mission to provide excellent patient care with efficient workflows beginning with robust scheduling tools, real-time notifications, speech-enabled clinical reporting and user-friendly patient portal. From last-minute appointment making to one-on-one care, SIR does everything within its power to accommodate patients and avert costly hospital stays. The advanced IT platform helps SIR staff be proactive in identifying critical concerns, handling patient requests, and delivering results instantaneously.

SIR, founded in 2003 by interventional radiologist Gerald Grubbs, M.D., will utilize advanced clinical reporting, electronic forms management, complete certified EHR, and patient portal to provide the infrastructure it needs to operate at top efficiency. CFO Danielle Roca engaged a team of nurses, technologists, and administrative staff to gather input on system functionality. “The clinical side was a challenge, trying to accommodate the diverse requirements of our providers, in particular when documenting the patient encounter,” said Roca. “Thankfully, IDS was receptive to crafting a solution that allowed us to combine all workflows on one platform.”

AbbaDox EHR replaces Allscripts MyWay™ which SIR installed in 2012. Two weeks after installing the product, the vendor announced it was discontinuing the software, so SIR was faced with finding a replacement. Given the unique needs of the multi-specialty surgery center, finding an alternative proved challenging. Administrators evaluated numerous EHRs. Because the practice does not operate as a typical ambulatory surgery center—specialists located in other cities throughout Florida travel to the center to partner with Dr. Grubbs to perform surgical and other medical procedures―most boxed EHR software products could not accommodate their complex workflows.

After realizing that AbbaDox supported multi-specialty clinical workflows along with medical transcription services, it seemed a natural fit. Once the workflows were defined, implementation proved to be organized and non-disruptive. Bringing the system online went smoothly, and the transition was assisted by solid project management and “super-user” training. “The system is easy to use, and with the improved scanning capabilities and ability to generate clinical marketing reports, we find that AbbaDox has yielded substantial operational efficiencies,” said Roca.