Advanced dictation and speech recognition products effectively manage high-volume workflow

 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – June 25, 2013 – To ensure quality is matched with the hundreds of thousands of teleradiology reports read annually by the 30 radiologists at Imaging On Call (IOC) requires nearly flawless workflow, data management, medical dictation, and speech recognition system(s). For over 10 years, this Poughkeepsie, NY-based teleradiology interpretations provider has found a winning solution with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition speech recognition technology from Nuance. IOC recently enhanced their years of success using Dragon Medical Practice Edition with the help of cloud-based systems and dictation products from IDS, a technology and service company that provides reporting and workflow solutions along with document lifecycle applications in the cloud.


Imaging On Call serves 90 hospitals, imaging centers, radiology groups (hospital- and non-hospital-based), and research foundations in the Northeast region of the US. They provide preliminary, final, and subspecialty coverage over a range of imaging modalities including CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and X-ray. The IOC team started out with Dragon Medical Practice Edition early on so they could deliver reports quickly, without having to transcribe and sign them separately. The software’s ability to increase overall productivity and allow faster dictation with 99 percent effectiveness was a key feature that IOC needed as their case volume increased. They also used it to type, open other computer programs, and even browse the web.


To build on their success with Dragon Medical Practice Edition, IOC adopted two IDS healthcare technology solutions: Voice2Dox and AbbaDox, both designed for clinical reporting efficiency. Voice2Dox facilitates user-driven reporting workflows so radiologists can efficiently create reports using front-end speech recognition and templates. Dragon Medical Practice Edition is so seamlessly integrated with Voice2Dox, users believe it is one application.


AbbaDox, IDS’ core platform, is a cloud-based workflow portal that allows rapid and cost-effective automation of healthcare documentation processes. AbbaDox allows radiologists to review, edit and electronically sign reports. It provides automated report distribution, remote printing, secured email and long-term archiving. It enables remote users to securely access reports and images for reference and collaboration and serves as an interactive dashboard that provides administrators operational analytics with real-time metrics.


IOC chose IDS for its integration expertise and “top-notch” training and technical support. CEO Yaniv Dagan considers service integral to system performance, “Our clients look to us as technology business partners. We help them improve operations with solutions that really make a difference in operational performance. Our clinical reporting platform, Voice2Dox, goes beyond voice-to-text technology to provide powerful, efficient workflow solutions for radiologists, especially those reading studies for multiple hospitals and emergency rooms, in very intense and complex distributed work environments. With features such as personalized routine management, best match templates and routines, alerts, roaming profiles, critical findings workflow and mobile report sign-off, Voice2Dox can play a significant role in boosting productivity.”


IOC radiologists paired Dragon Medical Practice Edition software with Philips SpeechMike, and the entire team was using the software proficiently within six months of its introduction to their practice. They even navigated how to use it in conjunction with other clinical systems including PACS and the Instant Messenger Client. In addition to saving money on transcription costs, spelling mistakes became a thing of the past for IOC users given the clarity that Dragon voice recognition provides.



By aligning AbbaDox and Voice2Dox with their Dragon Medical Practice Edition system, IOC radiologists achieved tighter integration between their AMICAS PACS and their medical dictation software.  Voice2Dox eliminated radiologists from cutting and pasting text from Notepad to the PACS.  Another end result for the IOC team has been greater flexibility; a radiologist simply has to ask and explain the particular use case into the system. Voice2Dox Dragon-based features provided the IOC team a built-in comfort level and easier learning curve when IDS products were introduced.



Now with the efficiencies of Dragon Medical Practice Edition and the IDS clinical reporting products, IOC’s operations are more scalable than ever. Their ability to provide a high volume of final reports without compromising on TAT, quality or delivery to the appropriate sites is a significant differentiator that sets IOC apart from their competitors. They are only limited by the number of radiologists available to read the sheer volume of cases received each day.



About IDS

IDS is a healthcare technology company providing clinical reporting and health information technology tools for automating workflows, forms management, speech recognition, mobile dictation, transcription, and physician referral marketing. IDS also provides advanced RIS-PACS solutions and a certified complete EHR.  Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the company’s cloud applications securely integrate with other information systems, allowing clients to maximize existing investments and increase productivity with minimal capital investment.  For more information, visit: or call 1-800-500-8614.