Offers Cost-Effective Alternative to Virtual Private Networks

 FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – November 30, 2015 IDS unveils at RSNA 2015 HL7 Without Walls (WoW) a technology designed to transmit data across enterprises and disparate systems using the HL7 2.X specification, replacing the virtual private network (VPN) tunnel with a less resource-intensive connectivity method. The innovative cloud technology offers multi-casting by transmitting messages to multiple locations while avoiding order duplication and additional transmission fees often incurred with one-to-many HIM to EMR HL7 feeds.

HL7 WoW eliminates concerns associated with VPNs not restricted to a single port, such as exposing the network to intrusion, malware and viruses or having to remember and move IP addresses. It provides an elegant alternative to those organizations adopting the HTTPS data exchange method which adds layers of complexity, requires key management certificates and exposes the network through public IP addresses. Staff time savings is another tangible benefit as security, interface and firewall experts are not needed to establish or maintain the point-to-point HL7 communication system.


Powered by the cloud AbbaDox Exchange platform, HL7 WoW connects locally to the HIM and operates with a non-intrusive agent that is installed on a Windows Server OS Virtual Machine in the organization’s perimeter network. Secluded with no inbound Internet ports, the HL7 WoW agent poses no risk to the internal network. AbbaDox Exchange serves as the intermediary between sending and receiving agents and employs a virtual queue management system to coordinate AES-256 encrypted inbound and outbound message traffic.

“We are pleased to introduce a revolutionary method for cross-enterprise connectivity that builds on the tried and true HL7 2.X protocol,” says IDS CEO Yaniv Dagan. “The ultra-fast deployment and minimal IT resources required to implement HL7 WoW provides an advantage to those organizations recognizing that connectivity between healthcare providers is an essential element to thriving in a competitive business environment.”

Notable features of the HL7 WoW solution include:

  • Message multi-casting
  • Geographical IP fluidity
  • Multiple levels of HL7 message acknowledgement (ACK) configuration.


This solution offers tremendous advantages to organizations needing to exchange data with multiple enterprises or EMRs and those with high messaging volumes, such as those groups providing teleradiology services. When connections can be activated within minutes, instead of days or weeks, studies can be received, interpreted and results returned without disruption or delay. This rapid onboarding provides financial benefits when billable hours are at stake. Data backup is another important use-case for this cloud technology. The ability to deploy data simultaneously to several destinations through message multi-casting makes HL7 WoW a practical and cost-effective component integral to any comprehensive disaster recovery program.

IDS will be showcasing its HL7 WoW messaging solution at the RSNA Annual Meeting in Chicago, November 29 – December 3, 2015. Visit IDS at Booth 6336 or schedule an appointment by calling 800-500-8614 or registering online.