FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – September 23, 2019

IDS, a leader in healthcare cloud information services is a proud partner of U.S. National Health IT Week. Celebrated September 23-27, U.S. National Health IT Week is a nationwide action week focused on supporting healthy communities across the U.S. through the application of information and technology.

Comprehensive health care reform is not possible without system-wide adoption of smart, flexible and affordable health information technology, which improves the quality of healthcare delivery, increases patient safety, decreases medical errors and strengthens the interaction between patients and healthcare providers.

IDS’s cloud computing health information management platform, also known as AbbaDox Cloud, is designed to host responsive, agile and intelligent applications that streamline administrative and clinical care flows to make healthcare operations run smoothly and efficiently.

“We remain committed to advancing the digital healthcare environment by offering cost-effective means for enabling organizations to continually evolve and innovate care delivery models that improve care coordination,” said Yaniv Dagan, CEO for IDS.

Initiated in 2006 by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), U.S. National Health IT Week has emerged as a landmark occasion for using health IT as part of the overall solution to improve America’s healthcare as a bipartisan, federally led, market driven initiative.

About IDS

IDS is a cloud-computing technology firm and a leader in healthcare information management services. AbbaDox Cloud and its suite of mission-critical software applications enable healthcare organizations to transform their IT operations into real-time health systems by replacing on-premise infrastructure enabling agility, flexibility and resource efficiency of the cloud. IDS focuses on interoperability and forging new avenues for managing and sharing patient data across enterprises.

With its innovative solutions, IDS improves clinical documentation during key stages of patient care delivery and coordinates and complements them with powerful business and analytics tools. Visit for more information.

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