FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – September 17, 2019

ImagineSoftware the leading provider of software automation for revenue cycle management, and IDS, a leader in healthcare cloud information services, announced the successful integration of ImaginePay into AbbaDox® Radiology Information System (RIS). ImaginePay is a patient payment portal solution that enables healthcare organizations to conveniently and securely collect payments. IDS’ AbbaDox RIS is a cloud-based solution that centrally manages schedulingregistration and tech workflows, while optimizing patient flow and improving efficiency

The seamless integration of ImaginePay into AbbaDox RIS enables imaging providers to easily collect check, cash or credit card payments through one centralized solution, creating more efficient and seamless workflows. In addition, payments are posted immediately to the RIS.

“We are excited to partner with IDS in this new venture,” says ImagineSoftware CEO Sam Khashman.

“ImaginePay is a state-of-the-art payment processing solution, and we look forward to unveiling the most recent user-driven enhancements while continuing to provide the unmatched customer support our clients expect. This partnership will drive continued innovation of our revenue cycle management offerings.”

“By pairing AbbaDox RIS, our market-leading cloud-based RIS platform, with ImagineSoftware’s patient payment portal capabilities, we can enhance workflows and experiences for both clinicians and patients,” said IDS CEO Yaniv Dagan. “We remain committed to advancing the digital ecosystem for healthcare by integrating these best-of-breed technologies with our suite of AbbaDox solutions. Our pledge is to offer cost-effective means for enabling organizations to continually evolve and innovate care delivery models that improve care coordination.”

About ImagineSoftware

ImagineSoftware is the leading provider of medical billing automation software and revenue cycle management applications.  Offering powerful technology solutions for independent physician groups, multi-specialty billing companies and consolidated alliances, ImagineSoftware serves more than 46,500 physicians.  ImagineSoftware solutions improve operational efficiency, build provider reputation, and optimize the patient financial experience.  For more information, visitwww.imagineteam.comand follow us on Twitter@ImagineTeam. 

About IDS

IDS is a cloudcomputing technology firm and a leader in health information management services. AbbaDox Cloud and its suite of mission-critical software applications enable healthcare organizations to transform their IT operations into real-time health systems by replacing on-premise infrastructure enabling agility, flexibility and resource efficiency of the cloud. IDS focuses on interoperability and forging new avenues for managing and sharing patient data across enterprises.  

With its innovative solutions, IDS improves clinical documentation during key stages of patient care delivery and coordinates and complements them with powerful business and analytics tools. Visit for more information.  

For further information, please contact:

Elizabeth Suppa
Chief Marketing Officer, ImagineSoftware

Maria Lyubelsky 

Marketing Director, IDS Inc. 

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