FORT LAUDERDALE, FL ― June 5, 2018

Availity, the nation’s largest HITRUST-certified health information network, and IDS, a leader in healthcare cloud information management services, announced the successful integration of Availity’s pre-service authorization and patient access solutions into AbbaDox RIS, the cloud-based health information management platform developed by IDS.

The integrated solution has already been deployed to several outpatient diagnostic centers that use the AbbaDox platform, with more scheduled nationwide. Availity’s integrated tools for insurance pre-authorizations, claims denial management and patient financial engagement elevates AbbaDox to the market’s most comprehensive radiology information system.

“We are excited to pair AbbaDox RIS, our market-leading cloud-based RIS platform with Availity’s pre-service solution capabilities in a way that enhances workflows and experiences for both clinicians and patients,” said IDS CEO Yaniv Dagan. “Together, Availity and IDS, two innovative technology companies who are focused on providing game-changing technologies, are meeting increased market demands for more comprehensive, integrated healthcare solutions.”

The seamless integration of Availity Authorizations and Availity Patient Access into AbbaDox RIS enables imaging providers to improve pre-visit registration, point-of-service collections, reduce denied claims and create more efficient and seamless workflows.

Powered by an engine of more than 300,000 rules and Availity’s extensive network of payers, Availity Authorizations is a secure cloud platform that enables automated, real-time submissions. This functionality not only eliminates manual authorization tasks, but also helps providers streamline scheduling and avoid costly denials by ensuring that services are rendered only when an authorization has been approved.

In addition, patients will enjoy the transparency and control offered by Availity Patient Access. Imaging providers will uncover valuable, pre-visit insights into every patient’s financial obligation and capacity or propensity to pay. Imaging providers also can offer manageable payment options, ensuring high patient satisfaction and increased patient collections.

“The integration of Availity’s pre-service authorization and patient access capabilities with AbbaDox RIS provides an elegant and automated solution to many of the reimbursement and patient satisfaction challenges faced by imaging facilities,” said Scott Herbst, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Provider Solutions for Availity. “Together we can empower our provider customers to keep costs down and improve their patients’ experience.”

About IDS
IDS is a cloud computing technology firm and a leader in health information management. AbbaDox Cloud and its suite of mission-critical applications empower healthcare organizations with solutions to transform their IT operations with modern, agile, and resource-efficient cloud services. IDS simplifies healthcare IT by forging new avenues for managing and sharing patient data across healthcare providers. For more information, visit or call 1.866.437.4572

About Availity
Availity solves the communication challenges between healthcare stakeholders, creating a richer, more transparent exchange of information between health plans, providers, and technology partners. As the nation’s largest HITRUST-certified health information network, Availity facilitates more than 10 million clinical, administrative, and financial transactions each day. The company’s suite of dynamic products, built on a powerful, intelligent platform, enables real-time collaboration for success in a competitive, value-based care environment. Learn more about Availity or request an online demonstration of our capabilities at or call 1. 800.AVAILITY (282.4548).