Offers easy, cost-effective automated results and image sharing with referring physicians


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL ― December 7, 2016

IDS, a leader in healthcare cloud computing and information management services, announced today the release of AbbaDox® QuickBox, an application designed to securely deliver test results to the desktops of referring physicians. Offered as software-as-a-service, QuickBox complements other methods of results sharing such as automated faxing, DIRECT messaging or HL7 integration yet offers significant cost savings over most other transmission methods.

“QuickBox illustrates how IDS continues to add new, modern technology choices to physicians to help improve patient care,” said CEO Yaniv Dagan. “As an important link on the care coordination chain, radiologists can adopt a proactive approach by using technology to communicate diagnostic imaging results and other clinical findings as quickly as possible. We make it so easy for early adopters to act proactively with this service while paying mind to their concerns for cost containment.”

QuickBox provides referring physicians immediate and secure access to their patients’ diagnostic test results, including DICOM images, once the report is signed and finalized. The report can even be automatically pushed into the receiving physician’s EHR thus making it part of the permanent electronic patient record. Application setup takes less than one minute.

Beyond easy installation, the convenience factor of QuickBox cannot be underestimated as it eliminates the ordering physician’s need to log into a portal repeatedly to check for and retrieve results. The physician receives a toolbar bubble alert as a report is delivered to the desktop. Through metadata, the naming convention prevents errors that otherwise might occur with manual data entry to file the results. QuickBox also eliminates costs associated with more traditional methods of results distribution, such as couriers, printer paper and toner, fax transmission and HL7 integration with enterprise EHR systems.