FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – November 26, 2019

IDS, a leader in healthcare cloud information services, and Scriptor Software, an innovative radiology reporting software developer and radiology-specific content provider, announced the successful integration of rScriptor into Voice2Dox®, IDS’ voice dictation platform, to dramatically increase radiologist productivity and accuracy when creating high-quality radiology reports. Voice2Dox is a robust reporting and speech recognition application that optimizes radiologist efficiency, accuracy and accountability.

rScriptor allows radiologists to gain immediate efficiencies in generating high-quality reports by dramatically reducing the time and effort required to create a radiology report. Radiologists speak naturally into the Voice2Dox system and rScriptor’s radiology-specific natural language processing (NLP) algorithm uses one of the 300+ built in report templates to assemble the final report. As a result, radiologists spend more time reviewing the images and thinking about a case and less time switching their attention between the images and the dictation.

“Inefficiencies in the radiology workflow and distractions can hinder productivity, as well as lead to reporting errors,” said John Stewart, CEO of Scriptor Software. “When you combine NLP with speech recognition, you enable radiologists to perform the job they were trained to do and facilitate improved productivity and patient care.”

“We remain committed to advancing the digital ecosystem for healthcare by integrating these best-of-breed technologies with the suite of AbbaDox applications. Our philosophies for streamlining workflows and improving patient care are well aligned,” said Yaniv Dagan, IDS CEO.

About IDS

IDS is a cloud-computing technology firm and a leader in radiology information management services. AbbaDox Cloud and its suite of mission-critical software applications enable radiology and healthcare organizations to adopt new technologies and transform their traditional on-premise IT infrastructure into a modern and secure radiology information system that is scalable.

With its innovative solutions, IDS optimizes clinical and administrative processes, as well as documentation during key stages of patient care delivery, while coordinating and complementing them with powerful business analytics. Visit for more information.

About Scriptor Software

Scriptor Software is an innovative developer of radiology reporting software and content. rScriptor, a radiology reporting solution, enables radiologists to create high-quality radiology reports in a fraction of the time, as compared to using voice recognition software alone. It was developed by radiologists for radiologists and has been used to create more than 20 million radiology reports to date.

Spend less time as a transcriptionist and more time as a radiologist.  Use the rScriptor Knowledge Base to insert ACR Incidental Findings guidelines, lookup trauma grading scales, review vascular tables and much more.  Visit us at for more information.

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Marketing Director, IDS Inc.

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