Cloud-Based AbbaDox Exchange

Facilitates Cross-Provider Information Sharing and Automation for Referral Management, Coordination and Transition of Care.

 FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – March 18, 2015 – IDS will showcase its innovative cloud-based AbbaDox Exchange at the 2015 National Association of Accountable Care Organizations (NAACOS) conference in Baltimore next month. The advanced new platform is designed to manage and track referrals, provide and share real time information and facilitate the coordination and transition of care required to manage ACO patient populations, while adding workflow automation. ACOs and other users can select robust fully integrated modular components, including an EHR, and implement interoperability services that facilitate seamless real-time data exchange across healthcare delivery organizations.

AbbaDox Exchange also includes patient engagement and clinical data repository tools. Its cloud-based architecture offers unlimited access to real time data for all authorized care providers, wherever located. It shifts the burden of system maintenance, data archiving, interoperability and connectivity to IDS, while building in flexibility and a focus on better patient care.

“Accountable care organizations face tremendous new challenges and opportunities in delivering a higher quality of care, while managing costs,” says Yaniv Dagan, CEO of IDS. “Accurate and timely information sharing along with intuitive workflows and collaboration tools across providers is key to success and to enhancing the financial returns of ACO members. IDS’ end-to-end modular AbbaDox Exchange is designed to help any practice meet these goals using our time-tested, cost-effective technologies. We are pleased to showcase our capabilities in front of this group of forward-thinking healthcare leaders.”

The NAACOS Spring 2015 Conference will deliver valuable policy insights and operational strategies for all accountable care organizations and draw more than 400 leaders in the field.

AbbaDox Exchange is just one of IDS’ broad-based, innovative healthcare solutions and services that provide intuitive operational workflows, automate documentation and add functionality and interoperability for hospitals and a wide range of specialized healthcare providers. Individually, each AbbaDox component can integrate with existing IT systems to fill a gap in workflow automation, such as continuity of care documentation or critical findings communication. Collectively, they constitute an enterprise-level healthcare IT system that makes physical location irrelevant.