FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – September 10, 2019

Client Outlook, a leading provider of FDA Class II clinical and diagnostic image viewing solutions and IDS, a U.S. leader in healthcare cloud information services, announced their partnership to champion cloud-based enterprise imaging. This partnership will empower healthcare organizations to develop a cloud-based imaging strategy that seamlessly integrates with existing IT and on-premise solutions.

IDS’ AbbaDox® Cloud, an innovative health information management platform of integrated products and services, to host responsive and intelligent applications that enable healthcare organizations to run their operations more efficiently.

eUnity, healthcare’s first Smartviewer, is a zero-footprint viewing and integration platform that connects to any PACS, VNA or EMR to deliver federated uninterrupted access to images. A zero-footprint architecture ensures that image viewing is highly accessible while a minimal hardware infrastructure significantly reduces maintenance, making eUnity an ideal solution for a cloud platform.

eUnity also integrates tightly with Mach7 Technologies’ vendor neutral archive, giving rise to a harmonized solution, powered by AbbaDox, that is flexible, cost-effective and easy to deploy.

“IDS had the foresight to design AbbaDox with a service-oriented architecture that allows flexibility and scalability”. Similarly, eUnity was created with a future vision and powerful platform-based design that put integration at the forefront.” said John Marshall, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing, Client Outlook. “Our philosophies are well aligned and we look forward to collaborating with IDS to accelerate the complex healthcare IT environment into the cloud.”

“We remain committed to advancing the digital ecosystem for healthcare by integrating these best-of-breed technologies with the suite of AbbaDox applications. Our pledge is to offer cost-effective means for enabling organizations to continually evolve and innovate care delivery models that improve care coordination,” said Yaniv Dagan, IDS CEO.

About Client Outlook

Client Outlook Inc. is a healthcare technology company focused exclusively on empowering the image viewing evolution from hospital department to healthcare enterprise through an innovative software platform called eUnity. Uniquely designed as a zero-footprint viewing solution but purpose-built as an integration platform, eUnity gives all patient care stake holders equal access to images for clinical viewing and diagnostic radiology reading. This powerful foundation cultivates a boundary-less enterprise that is prepared for future growth. Visit for more information.

About IDS

IDS is a cloud computing technology firm and a leader in health information management services. AbbaDox Cloud and its suite of mission-critical software applications enable healthcare organizations to transform their IT operations into real-time health systems by replacing on-premise infrastructure enabling agility, flexibility and resource efficiency of the cloud. IDS focuses on interoperability and forging new avenues for managing and sharing patient data across enterprises. With its innovative solutions, IDS improves clinical documentation and with it the key stages of patient care delivery, coordination and complements them with powerful business and analytics tools. Visit for more information.

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John Marshall
Global Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Client Outlook Inc.

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Marketing Director
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