Release includes enhanced management console, time-saving personalization tools



FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 16, 2013

IDS today announced updates to Voice2Dox, its speech recognition application and clinical reporting workflow solution. The update incorporates new features for routine management, user personalization and mobility.


This release introduces a module for managing dictation routines, macros and templates. The configurable module places an emphasis on public versus private routines and provides routine building through mapping. Users can automatically embed routines into other routines for more robust content. Through an intelligent search engine, the software automatically selects and inserts a “best match” routine based on the diagnostic study.


Among the new features is the ability to customize the color theme to accommodate dark environments, such as those often used by radiologists to read diagnostic images. In addition, this version of Voice2Dox:


Roaming profiles – Provides enhanced roaming profiles for greater user mobility


Personal word commands – Offers full customization of voice commands, so users can personalize or choose words of their choice and “train” the system to insert a specific routine based on those personal word commands


Provider interaction log – Features a workflow module for documenting communications between providers


PACS integration – Integrates more closely with a number of other PACS


“We are committed to providing the best-of-class reporting tools for our healthcare providers,” says IDS CEO Yaniv Dagan. “These click-saving features when accrued over the period of just one day, save our physicians a significant amount of time, allowing them to complete reports in less time. In light of the lost productivity brought with EHR system implementations and lower reimbursement rates, we continue to focus on productivity boosting features.”


Voice2Dox provides flexibility by allowing physicians to use a combination of speech recognition, templates and transcription services to create a report. To enhance basic reporting capabilities, Voice2Dox supports workflows specifically designed for radiology, teleradiology, surgery, orthopedics, and other multi-specialty groups.


Current Voice2Dox users receive these upgrades at no charge.


Voice2Dox is one of a suite of clinical reporting and medical practice administration solutions including AbbaDox, Mobile Voice2Dox, AbbaDox Charge Capture and AbbaDox CRM.


IDS will be exhibiting at the RBMA Summit in Colorado Springs. In addition to the clinical reporting and speech recognition tools, IDS will showcase: AbbaDox and its expanded analytics tools; AbbaDox CRM for referral marketing; AbbaDox Rad for radiology including its Referring Physician Portal, RIS and PACS in the cloud.