Cites Quality and Unique Customizable Features Supporting Its Practice

Fort Lauderdale, FL — September 9, 2014 – Bayview Radiology in Tampa, FL has selected the IDS AbbaDox Rad product suite to enhance imaging workflow, referring physician communication and patient service through the advanced automation of its practice. The busy multi-modality imaging center chose fully integrated AbbaDox RIS, Voice2Dox speech recognition and CRM referral management because of its industry-leading, uniquely customizable features that add a new level of functionality and efficiency to the practice.

“In today’s competitive environment, the ability to deliver better service, including accurate, ultra-fast report turn-around, excellent referrer communication, immediate appointment scheduling, automated follow up and more provides significant advantages over the competition,” says Alan Cousin, M.D., Ph.D., FACR, principal of Bayview Imaging. “IDS accomplishes these goals seamlessly without forcing us to conform to a vendor‘s vision of how our practice should operate. We can maintain our familiar clinical and administrative routines that have been key to our prior success. IDS is a standout in the industry.”

“Dr. Cousin clearly understands the importance of advanced technology in the medical workplace, and we are proud to play a significant role in helping the practice make this a reality,” says Yaniv Dagan, CEO of IDS. “AbbaDox Rad was designed to provide diagnostic imaging centers like Bayview with the ability to compete for market share, offer consistent high quality care and enrich the patient experience.”

Bayview was growing rapidly, and recently the time was right to move to an all-digital environment, explains Dr. Cousin, who also holds a Ph.D. in bioengineering. In a relatively mature market, he had high expectations and conducted an in-depth technology search, bringing his dual expertise to the evaluation process. IDS AbbaDox emerged as the clear winner. “IDS is rooted in continuous innovation and a deep understanding of the radiologist’s work environment,” according to Dr. Cousin. “Moreover, cloud-based delivery shifts all upgrades and maintenance to the vendor.”

Today, as part of its full digital workflow, AbbaDox RIS integrates seamlessly with the practice’s PACS. It keeps the wheels of radiology effortlessly turning with rules-based scheduling, patient eligibility verification, document scanning and forms management and much more. The IDS Voice2Dox speech recognition and reporting platform accurately and efficiently automates the entire reporting process, offers searchable templates and enables viewing and signing of reports from any mobile device. It also automatically faxes all reports to referrers or sends them to an electronic medical record (EMR) system.

“IDS technology will help us strengthen our existing referrer and patient relationships and build new ones to thrive in a challenging healthcare environment,” Dr. Cousin notes. “Its intelligently designed workflow allows us to accomplish more during every hour of the day.”