IDS Expands into Puerto Rico with Ambitious AbbaDox Rad Installation

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – October 22, 2014 – Advanced Breast Imaging Services (ABIS) has selected the IDS AbbaDox Rad radiology information system (RIS), coupled with its Voice2Dox premier reporting and integrated voice recognition platform, for its new state-of-the-art imaging center in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. Under the leadership of Iliana Alvarez, MD, practice founder and an outspoken advocate of the benefits of digital technology, ABIS will provide a model for leveraging advanced healthcare IT to streamline patient care, enhance the patient experience and deliver new efficiencies across the enterprise.

The sale was made by Answer Medical Solutions, Inc., led by president Orlando Laza. It represents IDS’ entry into the important Puerto Rican and Caribbean market in a dynamic partnership with one of the leading distributors in the area.

“We selected the AbbaDox Rad product suite because it offers advanced features and flexibility unavailable through other vendors,” says Dr. Alvarez. “Together with our new PACS, it will provide end-to-end connectivity and automation of virtually every aspect of our practice.”

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr. Alvarez is a former pathologist and now a diagnostic radiologist with extensive dedicated breast imaging experience. She has practiced radiology in both the US and Puerto Rico before launching her new center. She is committed to leveraging advanced technology to distinguish ABIS for its quality of care and ultra-fast results-reporting.

“We selected innovative vendors like IDS to help eliminate the manual processes that continue to characterize healthcare in the Caribbean,” comments Dr. Alvarez. “We hope to demonstrate how this technology can help healthcare enterprises overcome the challenges of physician shortages, large, often inter-island distances and limited transportation infrastructure to provide quality treatment.”

“We applaud Dr. Alvarez’s efforts in leveraging advanced technology to solve pressing healthcare problems in underserved areas,” says Yaniv Dagan, CEO of IDS. “We also are extremely pleased to mark our first installation with Answer Medical Solutions, Inc. and look forward to a long and successful relationship with the company.”

At ABIS, the AbbaDox Rad product family will create uniquely streamlined workflow with benefits for the practice, its patients and referring physicians. AbbaDox RIS will auto-populate intake forms with patient demographics for use during patient check-in or for pre-appointment download and printing at home. At the same time, the sophisticated Voice2Dox reporting and integrated speech recognition platform will automate and expedite accurate critical results communication based on preliminary or final reports. It will also support ultra-fast general report communication to referrers using the method of their choice, whether fax, digital download or direct input into an electronic health record (EHR). This, in turn, will potentially accelerate patient treatment by referring practices.

ABIS referring physicians will enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the industry-leading AbbaDox referring physician portal. This includes remote exam ordering and access to patient pre-exam instructions, education materials, prior exams and more. Referrers will be able to conveniently reach out to ABIS radiology staff for additional information through the portal’s sophisticated online chat feature.

Dr. Alvarez has had firsthand experience using similar technology at radiology practices in the US and believes the AbbaDox Rad product suite is unique. “When I understood how seamlessly the platform would automate the practice, I was convinced this was the technology for us,” she says. “The less time I spend with machines, the more time I can spend on patient care in an area where delivering high quality services can be a challenge.”