Aiming to bring strategic expertise to simplify healthcare IT

AVENTURA, FL, Nov. 29, 2021AbbaDox®, a leader in healthcare cloud information services, announces a strategic partnership with VasoTechnology, a subsidiary of Vaso Corporation and a nationwide solutions provider that offers a best-of-breed suite of healthcare imaging services and managed network services.

The partnership expands VasoTechnology’s trusted advisor portfolio to include AbbaDox’s full spectrum of digital health solutions. Together, the companies will support the evolving needs of healthcare organizations through delivery of best-fit digital health solutions and strategic expertise. VasoTechnology customers benefit from direct access to AbbaDox RIS (Radiology Information System), a cloud-based solution that centrally manages scheduling, registration, and tech workflows, while optimizing patient flow and improving efficiency.  AbbaDox’s customers will benefit from access to Vaso’s deep expertise in health IT strategy and infrastructure.

“Our team of accomplished professionals is committed to bringing healthcare providers the solutions, IT infrastructure, and strategic support they require to meet the challenges of today’s highly technical and rapidly changing market,” said VasoTechnology SVP of Sales and Marketing Michael Grossman. “AbbaDox’s industry leading digital health solutions are a natural fit for our customers and partners looking for viable solutions to drive long-term success in the field of healthcare IT.”

“Healthcare and enterprise organizations across the country have entrusted VasoTechnology for the past 20 years to support their healthcare IT strategy, which is a true testament to their depth of expertise,” said CEO Yaniv Dagan.  “This makes VasoTechnology the perfect partner to help AbbaDox®, reach healthcare providers throughout the US seeking to modernize  their radiology information systems and optimize their clinical and operational workflows and patient engagement solutions. We look forward to collaborating to serve every healthcare community.” 

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About AbbaDox

AbbaDox is a cloud–computing technology firm and a leader in health information management services. AbbaDox Cloud and its suite of mission-critical software applications enable healthcare organizations to transform their IT operations into real-time health systems by replacing on-premise infrastructure enabling agility, flexibility and resource efficiency of the cloud. With its innovative solutions, AbbaDox optimizes operational and clinical workflows during key stages of patient care delivery  and complements them with powerful business and analytics tools. Visit for more information. 

About VasoTechnology

VasoTechnology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vaso Corporation, primarily focuses on healthcare IT and managed network technology services. The company applies a combination of proprietary technology and best-in-class third-party applications to deliver advanced IT solutions. Clients are delivered a fully integrated, cost-effective technology platform whether their needs are a single solution or a suite of custom solutions. VasoTechnology professionals work as trusted advisors to offer best-in-breed solutions from world-class technology partners across the healthcare and enterprise sector. For more information about VasoTechnology, visit

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