Introduction to Lake Medical Imaging and Patti Gates

Patti Gates serves as the Director of Operations at Lake Medical Imaging, a leading healthcare provider in Central Florida. With a network of five state-of-the-art imaging centers, a team of 25 board-certified radiologists, and notable partnerships with Leesburg Regional Medical Center and The Villages Regional Hospital, Lake Medical Imaging stands as a vanguard in the medical imaging sector. As the first outpatient center to receive the prestigious DICOE designation from the American College of Radiology in 2014, the center is renowned for its innovative approach. In her critical role, Patti is instrumental in overseeing the center's operations, ensuring that each aspect of the facility functions at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. Her extensive experience and leadership are vital in maintaining the center's commitment to exceptional patient care, safety, and excellence in imaging services. Patti's dedication to operational excellence has been a key factor in Lake Medical Imaging's recognition as a leader in the medical imaging field, embodying the center's ethos of innovation and patient-focused care.