To help our clients resume operations, we’ve configured our RIS platform to manage the patient check-in process via bi-directional text messages. Using AbbaDox cloud-based RIS, staff can send and receive replies from patients in real-time leading up to their scheduled appointment.  Centers can now instruct them to wait in their car as opposed to a crowded waiting room. When the practice is ready to admit them into the center, they are notified that it is safe to enter for their appointment. This helps them – and you – feel safe and assured that everyone is following precautions to practice social distancing.
How it works

On the day of the appointment, the patient will receive a text message prompting them to confirm their appointment. They’ll then receive directions to reply to an SMS when they arrive to the parking lot. When the patient replies to the message, the appointment status in the RIS will automatically change to “Patient in parking lot.”  When the center has prepared the exam room and is ready to receive the patient, they can digitally invite them by changing the status in the RIS which will automatically send a text that prompts the patient to come in for their appointment.

Appointment Scheduled with Call Center
Reminder & Confirmation
Patient Texts ‘Arrived’ in Parking Lot
Patient Instructed to Wait in Car
Patient Invited Into Center

Why it was developed

Over the years, our customers have entrusted us with solving operational problems and challenges as they arise. Our newest service is a result of our client success program. We serve our clients as a trusted partner and firmly believe that innovation is driven by real use cases. In this case, our product team and engineers quickly identified technical components to apply toward a cost-effective solution with minimal change in behavior. We feel privileged to work with first-tier healthcare providers who push us to digitize and automate processes that improve the value of care.

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