Introduction to HMCA and Mike Christie

Health Management Company of America (HMCA), a subsidiary of FONAR Corporation since 1989, stands at the forefront of diagnostic imaging center management. Spanning 27 centers across New York and Florida, HMCA is a testament to operational excellence, housing an impressive ensemble of 39 MRI scanners, including innovative FONAR Stand-Up® MRIs and High-Field 1.5T MRIs among other advanced diagnostic tools. The team of approximately 400 dedicated full-time staff propels the company's mission to deliver unparalleled diagnostic services.

At the core of HMCA's continuous quest for excellence is Mike Christie, a professional dedicated to Operations and Process Improvement. With his insightful approach to enhancing efficiency, Mike is pivotal in refining the operational processes that underpin the company’s success. His role is crucial in ensuring that the expansive network of HMCA centers operates at peak performance, integrating cutting-edge technology with streamlined procedures to elevate patient care and service delivery. Mike's expertise in process optimization has been instrumental in driving HMCA's recognition as a leader in the medical imaging field, optimizing workflows and implementing best practices that resonate with the dynamic demands of healthcare management.