THE VILLAGES, Fla. -- In a significant leap towards modernizing patient care, Lake Medical Imaging (LMI), a leading radiology service provider nestled in the heart of Florida's retirement community, has successfully launched a cutting-edge Radiology Information System (RIS) by partnering with AbbaDox. This milestone marks a transformative step in LMI's dedication to exceptional medical imaging services, which caters to over 350,000 annual studies across its six locations. 

Under the guidance of Dr. Katherine Keller (President) and the executive leadership of Troy Purcell (Practice Administrator) and Marcella Volkmar (Director), the implementation of AbbaDox's RIS has been a game-changer. "Embracing AbbaDox's technology has transformed our operational capabilities," says Keller. "The efficiency gains we've achieved in scheduling and patient management is a leap into the future of optimized practice operations."

Keller's team leadership was instrumental in navigating the shift from labor-intensive, manual processes to the advanced automated workflow solutions provided by AbbaDox. This has brought about a remarkable reduction in patient scheduling backlogs and elevated patient engagement through the intuitive patient portal and visit companion. 

Michael Rosa, Director of IT at LMI, echoes Keller's sentiments, "The seamlessness of this transition, especially the complex data migration from the Merge system, was made possible by AbbaDox's exceptional proficiency and commitment." 

The accolades extend to the AbbaDox team's service and reliability. Patty Gates, Director at LMI's Leesburg office, attests, "Their team has been a beacon of support and expertise, always delivering on their commitments with unwavering dependability." 

LMI's transformative journey with AbbaDox showcases the synergy between a visionary healthcare provider and innovative technology. It is a testament to how the adoption of the right technological solutions can profoundly uplift patient care standards. 

About Lake Medical Imaging:
Lake Medical Imaging, with six locations in The Villages, Florida, sets the standard for high-quality diagnostic imaging services. Led by President Katherine Keller, LMI is committed to enhancing patient care through technological excellence and compassionate service for its robust retirement community.

About AbbaDox:
AbbaDox leads the healthcare software industry with its radiology workflow solutions, empowering radiology practices to streamline operations and elevate patient care. Its comprehensive cloud-native RIS and suite of workflow applications set the benchmark for operational efficiency in the healthcare sector. For more information about AbbaDox, please visit