Introduction to Lake Medical Imaging and Jewell Frost

Jewell Frost serves as a scheduler at Lake Medical Imaging, a distinguished institution at the forefront of Central Florida's healthcare sector. With a network of five advanced imaging centers, 25 board-certified radiologists, and esteemed collaborations with Leesburg Regional Medical Center and The Villages Regional Hospital, Lake Medical Imaging has been a trailblazer in the industry. It was the pioneering outpatient center to be honored with the DICOE designation from the American College of Radiology in 2014. Being an integral part of this organization that holds numerous accreditations across varied imaging modalities, Anne is deeply committed to upholding the practice's unparalleled dedication to patient care, safety, and excellence. Her role ensures the smooth scheduling and coordination of diagnostic services, playing a pivotal part in the practice's national recognition by prominent organizations in the medical imaging field.