Introduction to HMCA and Zach Harman

Health Management Company of America (HMCA), established in 1989 and majorly owned by FONAR Corporation, excels in providing non-medical management services for diagnostic imaging centers. Operating through 27 centers in New York and Florida, and employing around 400 full-time staff, HMCA boasts a robust diagnostic infrastructure, including 39 MRI scanners and an assortment of other state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment like FONAR Stand-Up® MRIs and High-Field 1.5T MRIs Zach Harman, with his extensive 13-year tenure at HMCA, serves diligently as the RIS/IT Administrator, contributing significantly to the IT and radiology information system (RIS) domains of the company. As a client for AbbaDox, Zach brings forth a rich perspective, grounded in his vast experience and deep understanding of the technological and administrative operations within HMCA.