The efficient management of practice operations and patient data is critical to the success of diagnostic imaging centers and the healthcare ecosystem.

A RIS radiology information system is the backbone of this process, however, the value of off-the-shelf, legacy systems is limited. These often don’t meet the needs of a growing imaging center.

Radiology information system vendors that prioritize custom features and functions ensure your practice operations can scale seamlessly with your practice, improving efficiency, accuracy, and patient care.

The Rising Demand for Imaging

As the population ages, the demand for more imaging exams is rising. The shortage of radiologists in comparison to the demand for imaging will only further amplify the importance of a radiology system with custom features and functions.

The demand for imaging services also continues to shift out of hospital systems and into independent testing facilities, so the need to have effective workflows that eliminate (and not add to) unique practice challenges is even more critical.

So, what should you look for when selecting a radiology information system for your imaging center? And what are the best custom features and functions to consider in an optimized radiology information system workflow?

Let’s answer those questions and explore how the AbbaDox CareFlow radiology information system can help improve operations, patient experiences, and profitability.

The Benefits of an Enhanced RIS Radiology Information System

There are dozens of processes involved in a diagnostic imaging center’s workflow. Traditionally, many of these processes involve manual labor, physical paperwork, and multiple point solutions to complete.

To run a practice effectively, everything from referrals and patient scheduling to eligibility verification, billing, and reporting must be seamlessly coordinated for a smooth patient experience.

When you implement an all-in-one radiology information system workflow platform that offers practices custom features and functions, you’ll enable practice managers, staff, and radiologists to provide more efficient and accurate patient care. By automating and streamlining complex processes, you eliminate the most time-consuming, costly, and overwhelming tasks, while improving the experience for both patients and referring physicians. This, in turn, leads to improved diagnostic outcomes and stronger patient-physician relationships.

That’s why the benefits of a RIS with flexible and scalable workflows cannot be overstated.

Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

Legacy RIS platforms require multiple point solutions to facilitate the entire patient journey. But with AbbaDox CareFlow, you can trade in multiple log-ins for a single ecosystem that saves time and reduces manual errors while maximizing capacity.

Improved Patient Experiences and Health Outcomes

By streamlining critical workflows for scheduling and pre-registration, practices can better attend to the physical needs of their patients. Enhanced patient engagement features empower patients to self-schedule, pay online, and complete paperwork right from their phones, speeding up care delivery and improving patient satisfaction.

 Reduced Patient No-Shows and Cancellations

With custom SMS and robo call scheduling workflows, practices can dramatically reduce patient no-shows and cancellations. Simple reminders and self-scheduling capaibilites allow practices and patients to both schedule in the way that best suits them. Not only does this improve the patient experience, but it also helps to reduce operating costs associated with manual scheduling and last-minute no-shows.

 Increased Profitability

When your organization automates critical workflows, you can see more patients with less operational headaches. With a cloud-native RIS built around flexible workflow solutions, you’ll book more appointments, eliminate costly on-premise solutions, and maximize utilization. This allows your practice to reduce staff workload, minimize operating costs, and take on more patients, thus increasing practice profitability.

Custom Features of AbbaDox’s Radiology Information System Workflows

When considering radiology information system vendors, the key is to choose a solution that offers customizable features and workflows for your unique needs. AbbaDox CareFlow, is designed to make the entire process of scheduling, servicing, tracking, and managing imaging studies simple and efficient.

 Custom Scheduling Workflow

AbbaDox CareFlow offers a scheduling workflow for booking appointments from multiple sources, from enhancing the walk-in experience to implementing custom physician portals. By reducing manual data entry errors and appointment booking overhead, healthcare centers can increase their capacity for appointments.

Notably, the customizability of the scheduling wizard allows for complex rules to be configured, and the AI-powered waitlist feature automatically adds patients to the list and automates the booking process anytime an opening appears.

 Pre-Registration Workflow

The AbbaDox RIS offers a custom pre-registration workflow that supports multiple sources, including EHR orders, physician portals, and patient self-scheduling. Through one-click eligibility verification, the system reduces eligibility bottlenecks and overhead costs associated with manually confirming insurance eligibility.

Plus, AbbaDox streamlines document management by automating forms and documents using mobile eForms, pre-filled batch printing, and bar-code-enabled scanning, leading to reduced paperwork and improved patient care. The system also automates voice calls to confirm essential procedure prerequisites, reducing patient calling costs and staff burden.

 Patient Engagement Workflow

A third RIS-integrated workflow that AbbaDox provides is an innovative patient engagement workflow that allows patients to self-schedule, reschedule, and pay for their appointments. This reduces administrative costs for healthcare providers and increases patient satisfaction with automated reminders, confirmations, questionnaires, and more.

Plus, the communication reaches patients wherever they are via two-way SMS or automated voice calls. And with access to reports and images, providers can reduce administrative burden and improve patient outcomes.

Streamline Your Practice Operations with AbbaDox CareFlow

An enhanced RIS radiology information system can provide your healthcare organization with a complete and unified view of patients’ needs, including clinical, financial, operational, and regulatory.

The benefits of implementing a robust RIS radiology information system are clear - and ensuring that it’s centered on flexibility and scalability is essential. And when it comes to radiology information system vendors, there’s no one better for your practice than AbbaDox!

AbbaDox CareFlow ensures diagnostic imaging centers can facilitate accurate imaging orders, increase operational efficiency, enhance patient outcomes, and improve profitability with an all-in-one, cloud-native solution.

Contact us today to learn more about how AbbaDox can help your organization reach its goals for patient care and profits.