A well-designed radiology information system can help simplify and improve various administrative and operational tasks at your diagnostic imaging center. A comprehensive and technologically groundbreaking RIS system like AbbaDox streamlines multiple workflows, improves scheduling operations, enhances patient experiences, digitizes patient records, automates intake forms, and accelerates insurance eligibility determinations.



One of the most important functions of a modern, cloud-based radiology information system is its ability to house multiple tasks all in one efficient, adaptable platform. Within one interface, practice managers can pre-configure scheduling and registration workflows. Staff can accomplish all their operational tasks from one comprehensive dashboard.  Workflows can be customized per user type, so every available option within the RIS is relevant to that specific user. This ensures that the right information gets to the right person at the right time. AbbaDox’s modern user interface and intuitive user experience promotes efficient and successful collaboration, care coordination, information exchange, task management, and workflow optimization.



All new practice management applications are designed to be deployed and scaled with Cloud architecture. As a true cloud-based RIS, AbbaDox is built to not only maximize workflow efficiencies, but to give practices the ability to take those optimized workflows and scale them across geographic regions into new locations in real-time. Unlike with traditional solutions, scalability will never compromise the security, speed, or connectivity of your platform. As the need for additional compute power grows, the system will adapt to that need. The radiology outpatient market is expanding, and as practices add additional locations, the AbbaDox RIS system easily grows along with them. The ability to set up additional locations with similar proven operational practices makes the go-live process for new offices instant and virtually flawless.


Effective scheduling is paramount to the success of imaging centers. Whether appointments are made via a centralized call center, front office staff, or physician portals, users can easily order diagnostic tests, view patient information, and manage schedules for multiple practice locations with a cloud-based RIS. Customizable scheduling and registration workflows are tailored to the needs of your radiology practice based on different user roles. For example, they can preconfigure payment processing workflows based on a specific service or payer without ever having to log into another program. Often, AbbaDox RIS is integrated with third-party EHR scheduling platforms to better manage the niche-specific radiology orders within a multi-specialty practice.


Create comprehensive coverage reports and verify patient eligibility in real-time within the AbbaDox Cloud. Understanding and relaying patient responsibility happens immediately, which significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and payment collection. For their convenience, patients even have the ability to pay for their appointments online through the patient portal feature. There is no need to swipe credit cards or handle payments upon arrival. Plus, with pre-determined or real-time responsibility estimates, radiology practices can better ensure they will be fully paid for all services rendered.


Stop the constant headaches associated with in-office paperwork. Use the RIS to minimize, or even completely eliminate, the need for patients to handle paperwork once inside your office. The AbbaDox RIS is a fully HIPAA-compliant platform that provides office staff with the ability to generate pre-populated, mobile-friendly forms that can be completed from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer prior to arrival. These forms can be customized based on the specific needs of your diagnostic center. The automated intake form tool instantly attaches completed forms to the patient’s records in your RIS.  These intuitive features eliminate unnecessary redundancies and time-consuming tasks. Imaging centers are finding this feature especially beneficial in the COVID-19 climate as patient and provider safety as well as minimized waiting room interactions are of the utmost importance.


Managing paper records and faxes are two of the most cumbersome tasks still plaguing diagnostic centers today. AbbaDox cloud-based RIS can simplify this process and turn it completely digital. Accepting digital faxes gives practices a significant advantage. Medical records can be received, sorted, and returned without ever having to print or wait for a busy signal. In addition, AbbaDox Cloud offers configurable electronic forms to support technologist workflows and effectively coordinate communication with technologists and radiologists. Throughout the patient care journey, records including native diagnostic images (DICOM) can be easily shared with referring physicians and viewed from multiple portals including a comprehensive patient portal.


Patient engagement is becoming an important pillar of every healthcare practice. AbbaDox Cloud offers a rich variety of options. Imaging centers can engage with patients using automated, bi-directional patient text messaging that integrates seamlessly with the RIS. Patients can confirm, cancel, and even fill out intake forms directly from their cellphones. As responses come in, the scheduler automatically updates the appointments accordingly. This confirms the upcoming appointments and reduces the number of no shows, limiting the time spent chasing down patients for appointment confirmations. AbbaDox offers the only seamless RIS integration with Uber Health, elevating the patient experience to a new level.

Effectively linking these unique workflows to fit logically within one centralized platform is paramount. The concept of interoperability in healthcare applies also to the practice management technology stack and is critical to the success of radiology practices and health systems of all sizes. AbbaDox Cloud was structured with this concept in mind from the very beginning. It’s why we offer a suite of proprietary applications that seamlessly interconnect to optimize radiology-specific workflows. AbbaDox RIS is one of the only mature and proven Cloud based RIS solutions available in the market right now. The RIS integrates seamlessly with countless PACS, EHR, and other imaging applications that are critical to the radiology ecosystem and interconnected health systems. Using AbbaDox RIS will optimize your radiology practice’s operational, clinical, and business workflows, providing an array of tangible benefits.

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