Introduction to Pueblo Radiology Medical Group and Chuck Scudelari

For over fifty years, Pueblo Radiology Medical Group has been dedicated to providing top-quality medical imaging services in a professional, compassionate, and timely manner for their patients, referring physicians, and hospital affiliates. Under the guidance of Chuck Scudelari, the Chief Operating Officer at Pueblo Radiology Medical Group, operational transformation is not just a goal—it's a reality.

In this Customer Success Story, Chuck shares the impactful strides made with AbbaDox:

  1. Simplified Processes: Thanks to AbbaDox, they've moved past cumbersome workflows with smart scheduling and electronic fax management. 
  2. Elevated Patient Relations: AbbaDox’s SMS features and scheduling innovations have directly boosted patient contentment and loyalty. 
  3. Smarter Choices: With AbbaDox, seamless integration and data migration have paved the way for decisions that are both informed and effective. 
  4. Enhanced Communication: The introduction of patient and referring portals by AbbaDox has notably raised the bar in patient interaction. 

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