As you built your technology stack, we know your costs stacked up too. But did your benefits?

When it comes to weighing the costs of technology for your practice, are you considering how fast on-premise ownership adds up?

With a true, cloud-based technology ecosystem, you get all the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and adaptability without the required capital costs of hardware, service agreements, software licenses, IT environment maintenance, and upgrades.

Are you ready to tip the scale in the right direction? With a single subscription, you get access to a suite of cloud-based solutions with:

Improved service levels personalized to your business

Reduced costs for IT

Guaranteed uptime of 99.95%

Secured, HIPAA-compliant platform secured by HITRUST

Workflow automation

Scalability and flexibility

Unlimited space and compute power

Continuous innovation

without any additional fees.

Book your demo at RSNA 2021 (Booth 6539) and get a first-hand look at how our AbbaDox cloud-based ecosystem can save your practice time, reduce capital expenditures, and eliminate IT frustrations.